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Whether you want to go short or would like to change your look up, you can’t go wrong with the pixie cut! You can read about the various lengths offered as far as this style before contacting us at Salon Antoine to schedule an appointment. We hope to hear from you soon!


If you thought going with a pixie meant getting rid of length, you would be mistaken! Even with this shorter style, you can still enjoy curling and straightening it if you decide to keep the sides and back a bit longer. Sometimes, this look is dubbed as the “Lixie” and is ideal if you believe you’re currently lacking in dimension and volume. It will instantly add some fullness to your overall locks and may even shorten the time it takes to style it. Plus, if you thought that this cut only works on a certain face shape, be prepared to be surprised again. It can work on anyone, and you can even make it more fabulous by adding bangs, highlights, or giving it a two-tone color. Or, if you’re a fan of the choppy and shaggy rocker look, it’s easy to create with the pixie.

model with platinum blonde pixie cut hairstyle standing next to SUV wrapped in a black leather jacket

Classic Short

On the other end is a short pixie cut. It can often be accompanied by baby bangs or no bags at all. However, you don’t have to forgo your length for this option either, as some choose to leave the top fuller with the length on the shorter side. This can easily be shown off with the undercut pixie. Perhaps you’ve heard of the stacked bob, but maybe not the stacked pixie. This is where layers are created and cut shorter in the back to create that richness all over that we all crave. No matter which you choose, the haircut looks amazing overall whether you color it blonde, brown, red, or pink. And sometimes all you’ll need is a brush and some styling serum to get your look for the day.

model with short brown pixie cut hairstyle, seated outside wearing a windbreaker jacket looking down at tablet device

Layers and Side-Swept Bangs

Either of the aforementioned options are usually created with some type of layers. Whether you choose short or long ones, they’ll do wonders for your style. You may decide on shorter layers at the top and have longer ones on the sides and bottom near the bangs–if you elect to add some of these. Speaking of bangs, even these can be various lengths throughout the hair to ultimately achieve the full and dimensional look. It doesn’t matter how you style these because the end result will be a gorgeous look with plenty of volume. And since your locks are shorter now, you won’t spend countless hours adding in curls, waves, or making it straight.

Come to Salon Antoine today to try one of these pixie cuts! To set up a consultation, contact our friendly stylists. See you soon!

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