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Your Next Hair Inspiration: Pastel

By May 27, 2019No Comments

Venture outside of the typical blonde, brunette, and red shades and spice things up with a pastel color! Whether you decide to dye your entire hair or just start with some highlights, you can’t go wrong. Once you’re ready to switch up your style, give us a call at 703-691-8878 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to pampering you here at Salon Antoine!

The Options are Endless

There are so many shades to go with if you’ve decided to change up your hair and add some pastel into your life. While you can ultimately go with any color your heart desires, you might consider one that best complements your skin tone and facial features. With pink, silver, lavender, and mint, the sky is the limit! There are even various hues, such as icy blue or powder pink, and you can even mix colors if you choose to. It’s non-committal and if Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, and Nicole Richie can be strutting around in a new light hair color every few weeks, so can you! You’ll also need to pair a haircut, and whether you choose a sleek long style, a mid-cut, bob, or even a pixie, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, a great benefit about these soft tones is that even when your hair grows out, it still looks gorgeous!

girl with pink short hair

Rock the Solid Color, Ombré, or Highlights

So, you’ve decided to give pastel a try, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to go full-on, or maybe you are. Either way, you don’t really have anything to lose! If you choose to dye your entire head one of the striking colors, you can bet you’ll have all eyes on you as soon as you enter a room. The dirty root look is also very in right now, so you can choose to leave the top your natural color or go darker, while the rest is the chosen pastel shade. Should you choose to only partially try one of the soft tones, you can consider the ombré. With this option, you’ll have the shade slowly cascading from your ears toward the bottom, while still maintaining your natural or different color at the top. Lastly, if you only want the pastel to show here and there, consider highlights. You can get as many or as few as you want and easily show off the edgy and stunning strands!

girl with wavy turquoise hair

Keep the Color Looking Fresh

To prevent your gorgeous pastel color from fading and losing its vibrancy, you’ll have to first and foremost invest in a color-safe shampoo. It’s going to keep your hair from fading to, help in moisturizing the strands, and give you that shine you want. Along with shampoo, you’ll need to find a conditioner to keep your locks soft, frizz-free, and lessen breakage. If you aren’t sure which shampoo and conditioner is best for your color, not to worry! We can help you locate the ideal ones while you’re here at our salon. Another way to prevent the shade from being stripped away is to only wash it one to two times a week. You’ll also want to use cooler water too because hot temperatures tend to make the shade bleed faster and possibly turn it dull. You might also consider putting away the hair dryer and opting to air dry your locks. We know you’ll want to curl and straighten your hair, but since heat can be damaging, try and stick to low heat when styling. Most importantly, visit us every couple of months for routine touch-ups and trims to keep your hair looking vibrant, dimensional, and healthy!

Are you ready to restore your hair with a smoothing treatment? Well, then come on down to Salon Antoine! We are open Monday through Saturday and can’t wait to get started on your beautiful locks. See you soon!

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