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Weekend Hairstyles for Every Occasion

No matter what your weekend plans are, you’ll need to do something with your hair. Are your usual go-to styles feeling stale? Our top Northern VA hair stylists have together our favorite weekend hairstyles for every occasion.

Quick & Easy

Sometimes you’re running late and you just need a quick style. Our favorite option this season is the slicked-back ponytail. It’s easy to pull off and only takes a few minutes to do. The key is to make sure every strand is well secured. When you’re done, run a brush lightly over your head for maximum smoothness.

Low Maintenance

A bed-hair-inspired look is the best low-maintenance weekend option, hands down. Loose, unevenly curled sections of different sizes create a laid-back vibe. The result is hard to mess up and perfect for summer adventures.


There are days when you really need a style that transitions well from day to evening. For that, we love the fishtail. Depending on how you do it, this variation on the classic braid can look groomed and chic or elegantly messy. Plait all of your hair or just a section. Center the fishtail or place off to one side. Tug a few strands loose to dress the style down a little. Add some fun by weaving a ribbon that matches your outfit throughout the whole thing. The endless variations are what make this style so flexible.

Casual Glamour

The key to creating a less formal elegance is to stay loose. Instead of perfect curls, go for gentle waves. Opt for a messy side bun with a soft side part and a few hanging strands instead of a tight chignon. Go for the updo, but don’t try so hard to make it perfect. It’s that carefree touch that loosens these classic styles up.

Upscale Elegance

When you need formal elegance, go for precision. This is where a sleek updo or a mane of perfectly sculpted waves shines. The trick is to set your style and then forget about it. The more you fiddle with it, the messier it will get.

Girls’ Night Out

A night on the town with your best girl friends calls for something a little more fun. Pump up the volume to add some bounce or slick your hair back into a ponytail and let your makeup or outfit do the talking. A top knot is a great way to tame hair you didn’t get a chance to wash. This style works especially well if you have dramatic fringe to balance things out. If you’re feeling ambitious, a vintage vibe can be sassy and unique.

No matter what kind of look you need, Salon Antoine can help. Make an appointment with one of our professionals today!

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