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Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day

By May 19, 2014No Comments

Every wedding has its own DNA. The couple’s aesthetic, the time of year, the gown, the venue, and most of all, the woman herself. When choosing a hairstyle, you and your stylist will have to take many things into account. But before you’re sitting in the chair, we can give you a few ideas.

Short Hair Demands a Statement Piece

If you have a crop or pixie cut, you’ll want to take the opportunity to find a great accessory to anchor the look. You won’t wear a veil all day, will you? You could easily go as far as a tiara, but it might unbalance your look. Instead, an ornate headband might be the perfect compromise. Bring your accessories to your stylist appointment so she knows what she’ll be working with.

Up Or Down?

For longer hair, the next big question is whether to wear it up or down. Since you can be romantic and tousled or sleek and feminine with either option, this comes down to personal preference, and perhaps a bit to the venue. If you have a casual beach wedding, you might decide to anchor your hair in an unkempt braided crown. Or, you might decide that loose waves will require less maintenance.

Sleek Or Tousled?

It’s rare that a woman comes into her appointment totally settled on this matter. In many cases, the stylist will have a few ideas she’s excited about, and so will the bride, and they’ll go back and forth and test a few out. It really comes down to a subjective feeling — how do you feel when you look in the mirror? We can admire all the styles in magazines that we want, but it really comes down to how much you like the style on your body. But many people can be surprised by how much they like a style they’ve never thought about before. So if you’re not totally set on a look, come to your appointment ready to experiment.

Don’t forget to bring pictures of your gown, and any accessories you might want to use. If your wedding look includes a headdress, you might want to bring it with you.

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