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Two-Tone Color

By October 12, 2022No Comments

Torn between two distinct hair colors? Ready to change up your look? Come to Salon Antoine and ask about two-tone color options. Our stylists are happy to show you some examples of this emerging trend, plus ideas for how to make it work with your style goals.

Haircut Options

As the name suggests, this look requires two separate, distinct colors, almost equally distributed at 50/50 percent. In order to get the full contrast, we recommend having mid-length or longer hair. For an intentional appearance, the change in color will most likely start just past the ears or at the chin, depending on the length of the hair. For those with very long hair, the two colors may be split closer to 40/60 percent.

model with wide smile with long curled brown blonde hair

Choosing Colors

A two-tone hair color is especially ideal for the early fall or winter months if you are growing out your summer highlights. To help speed up the process and ease the growing-out phase, our stylists can add a color that matches your natural hue that acts as a bridge between the ends and the roots. If you are looking to start from a solid hair color, we recommend keeping your natural hair color at the top and then selecting a color several shades darker or light for the bottom half. Contrast is the goal here, so think bolder and more dramatic than a balayage. For those who have dark brown to black natural hair color, a rich amber or golden hue for the lower half provides a striking look.

model seated wearing a bright red dress holding small teacup in tropical restaurant setting with long curled dark brown hair ending with light blonde highlights

Styling Two-Tone Color

Two-tone color can work with any hair texture, but the look will be most noticeable when hair is styled straight. Curled or wavy hair will have a more subtle effect, which can be a benefit depending on your mood. Pulling longer hair into a sleek low ponytail or bun is another great way to highlight the dual colors. Playing around with parting the hair down the middle or to one side provides additional options.

For premium color and expert application, trust Salon Antoine! Call us today for the next available appointment and experience the difference our stylists can provide.

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