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Turn Heads With Strawberry Blonde

By March 27, 2021No Comments

There’s a color out there that flawlessly blends blonde and red so you don’t have to choose one over the other — strawberry blonde! This way, you get the best of both worlds while still trying out a completely new shade. When you’re ready to try the color that Nicole Kidman and Anna Stone have been rocking for years, visit us at Salon Antoine!

Why Strawberry Blonde is Such a Fan Favorite

Ladies love strawberry blonde because it is such an eye-catching color. It takes two of your favorite hues and melds them together to ultimately give you a color that doesn’t go out of style. As with many hair colors, there are different tones that you can go with when you decide to dip your toes in with strawberry blonde. You might choose to stay more subtle so that it complements your complexion or add more red hues to contrast the skin. Either way, it’s sure to make those around you stare! You might think that this color only looks flattering on those with lighter skin tones and lighter eyes, however, that’s simply just not true. Even those with darker features can easily pull it off. You may even decide to keep your roots darker and cascade into the strawberry blonde shade to make sure it beautifully blends with your complexion. The choice is all yours!

model with strawberry blonde hair outside

Full Color, Highlights, or Ombré

Whether you decide to go fully in and dye your entire head this color or only get a few strands here and there, you can’t go wrong. For example, actress Kate Mara chose to keep her roots this shade and transition into blonde toward the end of her locks with an ombré, and you can too. On the other hand, if you already have blonde hair and are a little on the fence about changing it up, you can add some highlights toward the front of your face to show the difference between the colors. In the end, you’ll achieve a mix of beautiful locks that will have heads turning right in your direction. Of course, if you’ve decided that you want to completely change up your look from the one you have right now, go ahead and cover every strand in this sun-kissed shade.

model with strawberry blonde hair facing the ocean

Choosing Your Haircut

As with strawberry blonde shades, you can choose to pair the color with almost any haircut. If you’re currently walking around with long brown or long hair and are debating if you should consider this new shade, we say do it. And whether you straighten it or add in curls, you’ll easily show off the beautiful tone. Perhaps you’re thinking about going shorter? Even if you go as short as a bob cut or pixie, it’s going to look gorgeous in strawberry blonde. Lastly, should you want to stick to your length you have at the moment but would like a little bit of a change, you can do so with some simple layers. Then, when you style it, every piece is sure to stand out. Plus, you can pick from short or long layers, depending on your hair texture and style preference.

We would love to help you achieve the shade of strawberry blonde of your choice! Give us a call at Salone Antoine today to schedule your appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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