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Trending: Red Hair

By April 23, 2018May 8th, 2019No Comments

There’s a hair color out there that’s so breathtaking and will never go out of style. Can you guess which one we’re speaking of? You got it – Red! Doesn’t matter if you’re rocking flamboyant shade or a warm and neutral one, you’re sure to steal the show. Visit us at Salon Antoine so we can give you the color you’ve been wanting for some time now. We are open Monday through Saturday and can’t wait to see you!

Finding the Ideal Shade

So, you’ve decided to be bold and daring and try red, but which red exactly? Don’t worry, we’re here to break down some of the colors and options out there you could choose. You have to think about what shade would go best with your skin and complexion. For light skin, you might decide to go with a reddish-blonde or a light copper color. If you have more of an olive complexion, then your ideal color might be a cherry red or burgundy. Caramel and darker skin tones, you may opt to go for fire engine reds that will complement your skin and make your other facial features pop. Let’s say you don’t want to dive right in and go fully red, you can test the water with some red highlights or streaks to see how you like the shade. Getting just the right shade takes some time and you have to trust the process. However, once the color you want is achieved, it will be hard for your friends and co-workers not to notice it!

girl with long red hair

Process & Prevention

As mentioned, it’s a process to get that perfect red shade. It might take a few trips to our salon to get you that shade you’ve been dying to strut. Since the molecules in red pigments are bigger than in other colors, it takes a few times when you want to go red. However, once the color is there, it’s there to stay. You also have to be aware of the fact that red does fade quicker than other colors. Even though this is true, you can do some things to maintain this glamorous color. After it’s freshly dyed, wait at least three days before washing it. This ensures that the cuticles close and remain closed. Along with this, wash your hair in cold water. NYC colorist Rachel Boldt says, “Cold water is key! When you use hot water, the color steams right out.” So, take this advice in order to maintain your shade as long as possible! One of the most important aspects might be to make sure you use red shampoo and conditioner to prevent the tone and shine. Also, don’t forget to use heat protectors when you’re styling your hair in that perfect ‘do for the day!hair products, such as hairsprays and mousse to keep it glossy and in place!


If you’re wondering how you can style your new red color, we’ve got some ideas. First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with curls. Grab a 1-inch curling iron and create those curls all over your head. Each and every curl and bounce is bound to get noticed as soon as you step out of the house. Don’t forget to add some red lipstick to complement the priceless shade! If you’re feeling more of a straight and sleek look, go for it! Eyes will turn your way as you rock that princess-esque length or shoulder cut no matter where you’re going. If you want to add some color to the mix, do it! Maybe some blonde highlights or a two-toned red color that starts with one red shade and ends with another. Red is not a one-color-fits-all shade and your options are limitless!

girl with long red wavy hair

Are you ready to get that fiery or warm red you’ve always wanted? Call us at 703-691-8878 to schedule an appointment today. We can’t wait to pamper you!

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