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Timeless Options for Light Hair

So, you’re thinking of going lighter but aren’t sure which shade to go with. Not to worry! We’ll provide you with some ever-popular shades here to consider. After you’ve given our article a read-through, pick up the phone and give us a call at Salon Antoine to schedule a day to come and let us get to work on your locks. We look forward to hearing from you!


From platinum, to icy, to golden blonde, this is one color that will always be a classic. Your favorite celebrities from Reese Witherspoon, to Kate Hudson, to Blake Lively are all rocking this shade in their own way, and you can be too. The great thing about blonde is that it pairs really well with a lighter shade at the same time. What we mean by this is by simply adding some highlights that are brighter than the overall color, you’ll most definitely make your strands stand out instantly. If you don’t want to go full-out blonde, consider getting an ombre. You’ll have lighter blonde hair as it’s nearing the ends, but will still be able to show off the beautiful color at the same time. Plus, the blonde is sure to bring attention to our eyes and those bold eyebrows!

blonde model standing near flowering tree with wind blowing through hair


Another shade you might opt for is red. Once again, there isn’t just one red color, but rather many to choose from. For example, choose crimson, burgundy, auburn, and copper—all of which make a bold statement. While red is designed for porcelain skin and lighter eyes, you aren’t limited. Our professional stylists will work with you to find a shade that will beautifully complement your complexion and other facial features. While red does require a little more maintenance and upkeep than other shades, it looks flawless whether you decide to curl it or straighten it. And just like blonde, you don’t have to dye your entire head the red color. You can choose to get some highlights simply near the front of your face for a simple contrast, or some strands that begin a few inches after your roots. This way, you can still have your base color, while adding another one to the mix.

model with curly bright pink dyed hair


Dare to go pastel? If you don’t want to play it safe and want to venture out of the realm of natural hair colors, we say go for it. We’re sure you’ve seen singers, actresses, and your friends strutting lavender, pink, blue, green, and silver, and who says you can’t too? These fun colors have become all the rage and the verdict is in: they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can decide to just add some rose gold streaks to your current blonde or leave the top dark and let it cascade into a green shade toward the bottom. Even with your hair in a ponytail or an updo, the shade won’t go unnoticed.

Should you want to take things a step further, you can combine two or three different hues of the same color for a voluminous and elegant look. Then, six months down the line, try a whole new pastel shade to change things up.

If you’re ready for a refreshing way to beat the heat, come to Salon Antoine for a summer lob! We want to see you leave feeling excited about your look and knowledgeable about how to style it on your own. For the customer-focused salon experience you deserve, head on over to 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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