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The Show-Stopping V-Cut Style

By August 25, 2020No Comments

Who doesn’t love a haircut that makes you feel fabulous and possess dimension but without the weight? Well, the V-Cut is one style you have to try when you want to put life back into your lovely locks! When you’re ready to book your appointment with us at Salon Antoine, simply pick up the phone and give our stylists a call!

Why is the V-Cut Getting so Much Buzz?

If you couldn’t guess, this cut consists of layers that are sharp and forms a “V” toward the bottom of your hair. While it’s heavily layered, the great thing is that it flatters almost any hair type. The end result is richness and movement that is undeniable and shows off the thickness of your strands. If you’ve been rocking one length for a while or are simply looking for more oomph, this cut is a great choice. Whether you decide to curl it or straighten it, you’ll be able to easily show off the unique style. With a one-dimensional or blunt cut, it may be hard to put the focus on the fullness and flow of your hair, but with the V-cut, it won’t go unnoticed. The other amazing piece is that from the front you’ll be able to bring attention to the layers, while the back accents the entire shape and your overall appearance!

model with long wavy sandy blond hair viewed from behind with hands lifting up hair on each side

Sleek, Wavy, and Curly

While you’re free to strut this look around with one solid color, adding another shade will do wonders. If you’re a fan of balayage or ombé, it’s sure to pop with the v-cut. The layers and texture will bring the blends of tones together in the end to provide one seamless look. You also have so many options when it comes to styling because of the shape of the cut. Whether you want to do tight curls that fall together flawlessly or softer curls that are a bit more flowy toward the bottom, you can’t go wrong. When you’re feeling more of a sleek look, you might consider straightening your strands. Either way, you can easily accentuate the “V” shape where your hair ends. You might even opt for a half updo braid or twist that ultimately accentuates your creation and haircut at the same time.

model viewed from back with long sandy brown hair


To keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, it’s essential to get regular trims. We recommend visiting our salon every six weeks or so to avoid split ends and damage. While you’re here, you can also try out a new, fresh color to mix things up or maybe even some highlights for a subtle change. You’ll also want to invest in a rich shampoo and conditioner that will help to keep your hair strong and voluminous. We can definitely chat about different options when you stop by! Lastly, you might want to consider styling your locks naturally. This means letting it air dry and then possibly putting in some braids. You can later take them out to see the beautiful waves, or you might create a partial updo as mentioned above with some bobby pins. You’ll be staying away from heat, but will be able to leave the house with a stunning look.

Ready to try the V-cut for yourself? We are open Monday through Saturday, so come by and let us give you the haircut you’ve been waiting for. See you soon at Salon Antoine!

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