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The Sassy & Chic Blunt Bob

By June 27, 2019No Comments

Did you know the blunt bob looks flawless no matter how you style it? Did you also know that it’s eye-catching whether you’re rocking blonde, brunette, red, vibrant or pastel color? That’s right! Read on to see what makes this haircut so classic yet elegant, and then come and try it out for yourself here at Salone Antoine. We’re located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and would love to meet you soon!

What Makes the Blunt Bob so Effortless and Outstanding?

The blunt bob is so edgy, stylish, sleek, and works well for any face shape. This cut typically doesn’t have many layers and falls around your chin. It’s an even cut all the way around, but you can also choose to get it angled or try the asymmetrical look. Also, even though it’s a short cut you can still style it and color it any way you want and it will still look flawless in the end. If you’re nervous about going this short and are wondering if you’ll be able style it like you do your longer locks, don’t fret! Just think of some of your favorite celebrities, such as Jenna Dewan, Dua Lipa, Lauren Conrad, and Beyoncé. If they can pull it off, so can you! Plus, what’s so great, among so many reasons, about the blunt bob is that it takes minimal styling for it to look seamless. Doesn’t that sound amazing? You don’t have to sit around curling and straightening your hair for days on end! You can simply just add in some waves or part it a certain way just to add a show-stopping touch to it.

model with platinum blonde blunt bob cut wearing decorative sunglasses

Style it Up

From various cuts to different styles, the bob haircut arrived on the scene in the 1920s and it’s here to stay. As mentioned, the blunt cut is specifically an even all-around length, but who’s to stop you if you want to put a twist on it? No one! If you choose to add more layers than this style typically has, we say go for it. The layers will frame your face and add more dimension overall. You can choose for the length to be just above your shoulders or right below your ears, but either way, it’s a win-win! As we also touched upon earlier, you’re not limited to how you part or style your blunt bob cut. If you choose to part your hair to the middle and add some simple waves, it’s sure to look incredible! However, if you prefer to part your hair to the left or right, we won’t argue. Now, does a curly or straight blunt bob look better? The answer is both! Whether you want to show off each and every curled lock or strut around with a sleek and straight look, you can’t go wrong!

model with dark brown blunt bob cut posing in front of deep red background

Maintaining the Health of the Cut

To maintain your blunt bob’s length and keep it shiny and healthy, you’ll have to get regular trims. This means visiting us here at our salon every four to six weeks to get rid of the split ends, ensure that it’s looking stunning and fresh, and to ultimately have the length that makes you happiest. You’ll also have to find the right shampoo and conditioner to prolong its health and prevent fading if you’ve colored it. If you aren’t sure which ones to use as your go-to, no problem! We can suggest a variety while you’re here that will work perfectly for your hair type and texture. We can also chat about dry shampoo options so you can avoid washing your strands too often! Of course, we know you’ll want to curl and straighten it often, however, if that’s the case, set your hair tools to low or medium heat to prevent frizz and thinning. Along with this, maybe consider air drying your hair rather than grabbing for the hairdryer each time you’ve washed it. Plus, when your locks dry on their own, you can show off that beautiful, natural look!

Don’t delay any longer to visit us at Salon Antoine, fashionista! We are excited to give you that haircut that you’ve been wanting for some time now that’s for sure going to turn heads your way the moment you step into any room. Our salon is open Monday through Saturday and we can’t wait to see you walking through our doors!

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