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The Safe Transition: A Journey from Dark to Light

Have you been dreaming about lightening your locks? It’s especially difficult to do if you’ve been coloring your hair for some time now, but, if you’re determined, we’re going to talk you down this rabbit hole. At Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, we have years of experience transitioning bodacious brunettes to bombshell blondes and more, so you can trust us to guide you through this experience with the utmost transparency and customer service. It’s difficult, but let’s talk logistics!

Bleach Beauty

Before we talk about the amazing end results of patiently lightening your hair, we have to talk about what bleach is and why it’s important to perform it in increments and why to do it professionally. Bleach removes color from your tresses using a process called oxidization — and let’s just say that it’s not exactly a nourishing process for your hair. Typically containing a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, it strips the color from your hair, and can often leave it a yellow-ish color due to the keratin protein that naturally occurs in your locks. If hair is lightened too quickly, it can leave irreparable damage to your hair, discoloration, and a few other nasty side effects which all basically result in an unexpected bob cut.

Before you freak out and refuse to touch bleach again, when done correctly, lightening your hair can be a totally happy process for your hair — you just have to listen to your stylist and set reasonable expectations for the timeline. Speaking of time…

two women laying head to head on grass, one with blonde hair, the other with brown hair

Time’s A Tickin’

This is the last thing people want to hear, but the fact of the matter, what any hair babe transitioning from dark to light needs to know, is that it honestly just takes time. If you have virgin hair, it won’t take as much to bring you from a dark brown to a blonde-ish tone that will satisfy your craving for light locks. If you’ve been lathering on hair color for years now, though, that tacks on time. Plan to schedule multiple appointments during the lightening process and we’ll carefully go over what colors you should expect each time you leave. The hardest part is that there’s a level of unpredictability to lifting colored hair that can’t totally be accounted for — but we will never let you leave with your hair a mess, we can promise you that!

The Victory

It’s a trial, but once you’re there, you’re there. The world is your oyster. Hitting that final shade of blonde that you’ve been pining over has required a lot of deep conditions, coconut oil, and very conservative use of hot tools, but when it’s all said and done, your hair is a blank canvas. Whether you want to dabble with greys, pastels, or reach the penultimate white blonde that every fashionista drools over once or twice (a week), you can do it!

Come in to Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, today and let’s talk about walking those first few steps on the journey from dark to light hair. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you out, so schedule an appointment right here on our website or give us a call at 703-691-8878 today!

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