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The Perks of a Trim

By June 30, 2022No Comments

Even though you may not be a fan of frequent haircuts, getting a simple trim will do wonders for your locks! Even just eliminating a bit from your ends is going to bring the shine back, so contact us at Salon Antoine as soon as you’re ready to visit. We look forward to your call!

Healthy Hair

One big reason that trims are beneficial to your strands is that they instantly make the locks healthier. It gets rid of the dead or split ends that have just been sitting there. These unwanted pieces of hair are at times doing more harm than good, so taking them away will let new ones blossom and help lower breakouts. Even if you have voluminous hair or many layers throughout, if you don’t get a trim every so often, these will lose their purpose. Unfortunately, split ends cannot be repaired on their own, which means the best way to remove them is to have an inch or a few cut off. After the trim, you’ll be walking around with hair that is in great shape and that’s ready for your next style.

Stylist trimming the ends of a seated client's hair

Helps With Growth

While getting a trim does not automatically mean that your hair will grow faster, it does contribute to healthier growth. It allows for brand-new locks to come through and still lets you keep the style that you had–if this is something you’re interested in. If you’re happy with your current length, it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose it right away when you get a couple inches taken off. It just might do the opposite! It’ll help your hair look less thin and glisten from top to bottom. We recommend that you stop by our salon every six to eight weeks so that we can examine the strands and chat with you about which parts should be removed. There are many factors, such as weather and heat tools, that can add damage to your locks over time and coming to see us at the suggested intervals will only ensure it’s looking shiny and fresh.

model with long blonde hair wearing a black off the shoulder top

Makes Styling Simpler

When you get a trim, you’ll deal with less stress when it comes to styling. You may be a fan of always grabbing for the curling iron or straightener when getting ready. With fresh ends, you might be tempted to simply let the hair air dry and create waves without hot tools since your strands will be free of split or damaged ends. If you ever notice that your hair tangles easily or you wake up with small knots toward the bottom, having the ends trimmed can rid you of these situations. Along with these lines, it can also take away any unwanted frizz. And since you’ll be keeping as close to the original length as possible, you’ll still be able to create those looks you love so much.

Now that you know how you can benefit from a trim, contact Salon Antoine to chat about a day to drop by! Otherwise, you can come and see us Monday through Saturday. We can’t wait to meet you!

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