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The Hair Color for Any Season: Bronde

If you’re looking for a hair color to try that won’t make you forego your blonde or brunette locks, we have just the answer here at Salon Antoine—Bronde! Read on to see why this shade is getting so much buzz, and once you’re ready to try it out for yourself, come on down to our salon. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

The Magic of Bronde

So what exactly is bronde? One of the first ladies to make waves with this color was supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She walked on the scene with it in 2007 and proved that the shade is here to stay. As you may have guessed, this stunning color blends both brown and blonde to give us this eye-catching color. If you’re currently a blonde, you might consider some brown tones, whether at the top or more toward the bottom, to add the subtle, yet beautiful contrast. If you happen to be strutting brown locks at the moment, adding some blonde streaks will give you that “bronde” look. The great thing about this color is that it isn’t drastic or bold, but allows you to revel in both shades at once. You’ll also love that this color works on anyone and any complexion. It’s a change if you’re ready to add another color to your hair but don’t want to go fully in. Plus, if this is your first time dying your hair, it’s the perfect place to start!

model with long wavy bronde, brownish blonde, hair

Achieving the Ideal Shade

How “bronde” you choose to go is totally up to you. Perhaps you want your eyes to pop, and in this case, you might want to get some highlights closer to your face, or select to have many different ones all around your head. Either way, it’s sure to bring out your best features. One of the key ingredients is mixing at least two different shades of color for that natural and sun-kissed look. This style is best achieved with balayage, which consists of hand-painting highlights onto your hair. The final result is natural, cascading highlights that are slightly lighter than your real hair color. Our stylists here at Salon Antoine will chat with you when you visit us to ensure that in the end, you’re completely happy with the shade and overall look.

model wearing glasses smiling outside with bronde, or brownish blonde, hair

Low-Maintenance or High-Maintenance?

This is always a tricky, yet important question when it comes to switching up hair colors. Well, the verdict is in, and bronde is most definitely low-maintenance. It’s a great update to your locks for either summer or winter, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be coming into the salon too often. You’ll have to keep in mind that like with any hair color, if you wash it too much or style it a lot with tools that include heat, it may become brassy. However, in this case, a purple shampoo will definitely help to keep it looking the way it did the moment you stepped out of our salon. Along with this, instead of even grabbing that curling iron to create curls and add possible damage to the color, you can opt to let the hair air dry and enjoy those natural waves that form on their own. Finally, even when your natural-born shade grows out, since bronde isn’t much bolder, you’ll still be walking around and turning heads your way.

Has this low-commitment color piqued your interest just yet? Well, contact us here at Salon Antoine to book your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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