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The Game-Changing Sombré

By October 18, 2018April 25th, 2019No Comments

Maybe you’ve heard of balayage and ombre, but have you heard about the sombré? Sometimes, you don’t need a drastic change to make your locks stand out and gain attention! This natural look is getting all the buzz and when you’re ready to be rocking this chic style, visit us here at Salon Antoine. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and can’t wait to pamper you!

What is Sombré?

Ombre has had a long successful run, but it needs to move over for the striking sombré. While it may be obvious, the “sombré” translates to a “soft ombre.” Sombré, just like ombre, includes darker, however, less harsh roots and blending of lighter shades and highlights throughout the hair to create a more natural and soft appearance. To achieve the ideal sombré look, our stylists will start with a darker hue at your roots and add various lighter shades gradually towards the bottom. In the end, you’ll have subtle weaving colors that give both dimension and texture in the end. You’ll love that the colors will complement your skin tone and whether you decide to curl your hair or straighten it, you’ll definitely have all eyes on you the moment you step out of the house!

girl with brown hair

Is Sombré High or Low Maintenance?

Some of the most exciting hair trends these days are very high maintenance, however, sombré is not one of them! This is one style that will allow you to skip visiting the salon too often. It’s very low-maintenance and it looks great on both blondes and brunettes, even when it grows out because it blends so well in your hair! So, whether your sombré starts higher at the roots or at your ears, you can be rocking it confidently for days on end! Just like with ombre, you’ll most likely be coming back to see us for a touch-up in six to eight months. Also, since you’re not straying too far away from your natural hair color, you won’t be dealing with damaged hair and split ends. Guess what that means? You won’t have to get a trim frequently! However, if you do want to chop your locks soon after you’ve had them colored, we won’t stop you!

woman with long blonde hair

Styling is Limitless

So, how can you style your sombé hair? Any way you want! One popular and simple style is just adding some simple waves to really accentuate the subtle streaks that are of lighter shade. Plus, it doesn’t require any heat! This is also a great way to prolong the color and shine and turn heads each time you walk by. But, if you want to add some curls or show off the sleek straight look, do it! Each and every bounce of your curly hair or straightened strand is bound to easily gain attention when you’re hitting the town with your girls. Just make sure to get a color treated shampoo to keep that ideal color longer and a heat protector to lessen the damage when using a curling iron or straightener, and you’ll be strutting the gorgeous sombré for days!

If the sombré has piqued your interest, come down to Salon Antoine so we can start creating this look on you!
Just give us a call at 703-691-8878 when you’re ready to schedule your appointment. We hope to chat with you soon!

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