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The Effortless One Length Cut

Whether you’re currently rocking a bob, lob, or long hair, you can’t go wrong with a one-length cut! This style works on any of these haircuts and is ever-popular because it creates the illusion of richness and dimension from any angle. When you’re ready to ditch the layers and even out your strands, visit us at Salon Antoine!

What Makes the One-Length Haircut a Standout Option?

The one-length cut has been a favorite among ladies for many years because it allows you to freely style your hair however you want without any fear that a strand or side will be uneven. It also lets you choose between doing a side or middle part. No matter which you opt for for that day, you’ll be strutting a beautiful look! This length also doesn’t require much styling, which can be different when it comes to layers or hair that is different lengths throughout. This way, you can even just create some minimal waves, curls, or just let your hair air dry for a natural, gorgeous style in the end. Plus, this option instantly brings attention to your beautiful facial features, such as your eyes and jawline.

model with one length long brown hair

Accentuate Your Look Even Further!

If you’d like to change up your cut even further simply for personal reasons or for even more oomph, we’ll chat about some routes you can take. One that you can go with is highlights. This could mean several different strands all over your head in one or two alternative shades from the base color. However, you can stay as simple as just two brighter shades that hug the front of your hair and leave the rest a different hue. Another option is bangs. You might choose side bangs or ones that flow across your forehead. Either way, you’ll end up with a flawless look! Last but not least, you can decide to cut your hair shorter but still keep each lock the same length. This could mean a dramatic new cut such as the bob or one that’s not as drastic that meets right at the shoulders.

model with shoulder length straight black hair


When it comes to this style, you’ll be happy to hear you won’t need to have it chopped often. You can go as long as you’d like because it’s not going to grow at different rates. However, you’re also free to visit us in as soon as four weeks if you’d like so we can ensure your hair is looking shiny and fresh. This will also allow us to get rid of any split and damaged ends when you’re here. Not just that, if you want to try something new, such as a whole new haircut, we can take care of it. We do recommend, however, if you don’t see us for a few months, to come by at about the four-month mark just for some quick snips and touch-ups.

Have you been thinking about evening out your hair strands? Well stop into Salon Antoine Monday through Saturday for a cut! Our stylists are excited to get started on your locks and give you that look that’s ideal for you. See you soon!

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