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The Best New Hairstyles for Men

Looking for a new style that is sure to please? With so many styles out there it can be hard to find a style that is new and fresh. The list below will help you find the perfect hairstyle that will put a bounce in your step.

Best Styles

High and Tight:
You will want to keep the sides as short as possible, and fade hair shorter into the nape of your neck and sideburns. Leave at least an inch and a half on the top. You will want to leave the edges blunt. This is great for hair that is straight. If your hair is wavy or curly, this is not a good style for you.

The Mainstream Hipster:
Depending on what style you like you can keep the sides short to medium in length. The top should be about 3 inches in length to help build up the pomp. This style works for straight to wavy hair and fine to medium. This style is not good for hair that is very thick or very curly.

Let It Grow:
No need to do anything with this style, just let it grow. Having your hair trimmed every so often helps to keep your hair free of split ends, so it continues to grow. This style is great for all hair types except fine.

The Caesar:
This style is a simple one and is great for low maintenance men. You need to cut the sides and back evenly and cut the top short. This works for all hair types except for very textured hair.

The Bed Head:
For this style you will want the hair on the top of your head to be about 3 inches and the sides to be 2 inches. Then you will want to add texture to your hair to help create movement. This is good for wavy and curly hair, but is not recommended for very straight or fine hair.

If you are wanting a new style, try one of the styles listed. You can also call Salon Antoine and talk to one of our professional Northern VA hair stylists. Our stylists can help you decide on a style that is well suited for your hair type and that you will love. They can also give you tips on taking care of your new style. So, call Salon Antoine today and get the style that will set you apart from everyone else.

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