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The Balayage Trend

By May 9, 2017No Comments

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your hair, but don’t want an excessive amount of maintenance to follow, we at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, have the perfect solution for you: balayage. Our talented stylists here are constantly training and finding new techniques to give you the hairstyles you want, and we’ve got this trend down pat. Give us a call at 703-691-8878 to set up a consultation today!

Balayage Trend

The French Origins

This beautiful word started off as the word “balayer,” meaning “to sweep,” and gradually transformed into the balayage we know today during the 1970s. Aptly named, this hair dying technique offers a gradual, or sweeping, change in color from root to tip, which is one of the reasons it’s such a hot commodity. Another fantastic aspect about this method of color application is the ability to customize it. You can opt for that natural sun-kissed look that we used to achieve as kids but never totally appreciated, or you can really make the transition more obvious with much lighter ends. It’s your call. It’s an excellent way to bring a softer color around your face, and to try a lighter color without committing to fully stripping or bleaching your hair.

The Upkeep

This is a big bonus for people who like to put months and months between their salon visits: there’s minimal upkeep with this dye style. While you should ensure that you’re using a color-safe shampoo, using a heat protectant when using hot tools on your gorgeous locks, and applying a deep condition on your me-day, that’s about it. You won’t have that terrible outgrowth moment where you look in the mirror and immediately dial up your stylish for a 911 appointment, because balayage grows out gracefully and naturally. It’s a versatile look – you can have this hand-painted style on short or long hair, midnight black or blonde hair. So, basically, whether you just want to add some dimension to your hair or you’re attempting to bring the drama, you can balayage and have a classy, refined look that will keep you on-trend for months and months.
We at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, have done countless balayage dyes, and each one is as unique and stylish as our customers.

Style with a beachy wave and be on your way with this universally flattering style – which we’re happy to show you how to do! As one of the Top Hair Salons of the D.C. Area, so named by the Washingtonian Magazine, and one of the Top Northern Virginia Hair Salons by Nova Magazine, you can rest-assured that you’ll leave our salon chair quite satisfied! Schedule an appointment using our online appointment form today!

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