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Summer Hair Care

It’s Mani/Pedi Season!

Split ends caused by sun exposure

When the weather changes, so should your hair care routine. With the humidity nigh upon us, we at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, are armed to the nines with our frizz-reducing treatments, sea salt sprays, and freshly sharpened scissors that are ideal for layering.

Preserve Those Luscious Locks

Did you know that, just like your skin, your hair can get “sunburnt”, too? Usually referred to as “fried hair”, it’s usually most visible on people who bleach or dye their mane repeatedly, but the condition is also accelerated by UV rays! The sun heats up the hair shaft, drying out your hair and roughing up the cuticle, creating that ever-dreaded fried hair. Yikes.

So, how do you protect your precious follicles? Simple. Just like you choose a face lotion or foundation with SPF, do the same with your hair care products. You’ll find SPF in cream, gel, and even spray form, so it’s not hard to do. For those who frequently change the color of their hair, this is quintessential for preventing your particular hair hue from fading. Ask any of our stylists for their opinion – we’ve all got a favorite!

Frizzy hair

Fight the Frizz

We’ve all been plagued by frizz at one point or another in our lives, so we at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, happily provide the Olio Di Morocco Hair Smoothing System. Easier to tame in the winter months, frizz becomes near impossible to manage with the temperatures rising above 80 degrees. Utilizing Keratin and Argon oil, this Hair Smoothing System will let you stash away your hot tools, which are a beast to operate in such stifling weather. Unlike chemicals such as formaldehyde, which completely eliminates natural curls and waves while also damaging your hair, our innovative system gives the hair more elasticity while simply taming the tresses into shiny, soft, manageable locks that are perfect for summer. It’s a win-win.

Outwit Chlorine

Outwit Chlorine

Swimming and summer are pretty synonymous terms but we’ve all experienced or heard the horrors of the havoc that chlorine can wreak on your hair. Did you know that it’s actually copper sulfate that turns your hair green, not chlorine? Copper sulfate is added to pools to combat algae, which we can all agree we don’t want to swim in. So wipe the image of the dry, brittle, washed-out hair of the boy’s swim team from your mind – unless you’re spending hours with your head dunked into a heavily chlorinated school pool, it won’t happen to your blow out from taking a dip in your next door neighbor’s pool. What we do need to worry about is the color green. To prevent the copper sulfate from tinging your hair, simply drench your mane in clean water and/or with leave-in conditioner. Rinse your hair the moment you get out – that should prevent a lot of the green from taking hold. If, by chance, you forget to do any of this, just come on in to Salon Antoine. We’ll get that green out for you!

Are you ready for summer? We at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, are! Come on in and speak with our knowledgeable stylists for the best way to manage your hair this summer!

Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, is open six days a week and is always happy to not only do your makeup, but teach you how to get the same look at home. Give us a call at 708-691-8878 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule your appointment online!

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