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Styling Tips and Tricks

You have the tools, you have the heat protectant, so let’s actually fire these babies up and make those tresses fierce enough to tackle whatever the day may bring. At Salon Antoine, we’re here to cut, color, and style your hair — and help you take all of the tips and tricks home with you so that your style is always perfectly on point. To schedule an appointment with some of our helpful stylists, give us a call at 703-691-8878 or fill out our online form!

The Gentle Curve

It was popular on Rachel Green from friends, and it’s a trend that’s persisted throughout the years, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Here’s an easy hack to get the gentle curl under look to your hair without a line or harsh undercurl. First, for this look, you’ll need a flat brush and a straightener. Make sure your hair is brushed and perhaps apply a spritz of hairspray if your locks need a little encouragement to stay in place — you know your hair! Now, run the straightener through a small section, quickly followed by the brush. Don’t pull the bristles all the way through, though, let the brush stay poised a few inches before the end of your tresses. Once your hair has cooled, removed the brush and marvel over the sweet turn under that perfectly frames your face! Continue through, section by section for a day look that you’ll love!
gentle curve hairstyle


Woman on balcony facing away from camera
We all want it, and it’s actually very easy to accomplish — if you know how! We at Salon Antoine will teach you the magic behind getting your hair to stand at attention. It starts from the second you step out of the shower. Towel dry your hair to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, apply a heat protectant that adds body and lift to get this party started off on the right foot. Once your hair is thoroughly shielded against excess damage, give your tresses a nice rough dry. Basically, just point your blow dryer at your head and fluff out the locks with your hands, switching sections periodically. Don’t use a brush yet — it’s better to dry a bit first before applying bristles. Once your hair is damp rather than wet, some sections may even by almost dry, it’s time to whip out your favorite brush and flip your hair forward. That’s right — the best way to get that volume you’re craving is simply to blow-dry your hair upside down. Brush from the underside and blow-dry from the top to create depth-defying locks that you’ll be proud of. If you’re polishing your look off with a straightener, take everything one step further by straightening the hair on the crown of your head upwards, rather than straight down. This will add even more height to your roots! To move this game to a whole new level, you can also use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner beforehand.

We’ve divulged some of our secrets, but there’s always plenty more to learn! Visit us at Salon Antoine soon. We’re conveniently located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and have hours Monday through Saturday to suit your busy schedule!

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