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Simple and Striking: Lowlights

Fall is coming and you’re thinking of going darker, but don’t want to completely change the shade or style of your hair, so why not consider lowlights? You’ll add some color and turn heads as soon as you leave the house! Read on to find out more about this game-changing hairstyle, and then come visit us here at Salon Antoine so we can give you the look you’ve been dying to rock. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and can’t wait to pamper you!

Highlights Are “In,” But So Are Lowlights

If you’ve never had lowlights and aren’t exactly sure what they are, we’re here to give you the 411. You may be familiar with the fact that highlights use a lighter color to enhance your hairstyle, while lowlights involve darkening the various strands of your hair to achieve your ideal look. Lowlights also produce a subtle or dramatic appearance like highlights, but they still, in the end, give you that glamorous style you want. When our stylists start creating your lowlights, they will darken thin or thick parts of your hair, depending on what you want your end result to be, and apply a color that’s about two shades darker than the rest of your hair. You’ll also be happy to hear that lowlights produce less damage and blend in more with your natural color, producing less of a radical look. Whether you’re currently strutting straight, wavy, or curly brown or blonde hair, lowlights are for anyone and any style. With the new, darker streaks, you’ll also add more depth and create that illusion of volume – the ultimate goal of lowlights! The great thing about lowlights is you can add them even after you’ve gotten some highlights to add that undeniable dimension to your hair. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you get partial lowlights or choose to get them all over your gorgeous head of hair, you’re sure to steal the show!

Maintain the Color and Shine

As with any fresh color you’ve just gotten done, you want to prolong the shade and shine for as long as possible before making the trip back to the salon. Since color can make your hair more dry than usual, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment, which we can do for you right here at our salon if you’d like! This will put the shine back into your hair and will take out the excess. Your hair will also feel hydrated and lightweight, and trust, us – it will thank you! Along with the treatment, you’ll want to find the right shampoo to keep the ideal color, which of course, our stylists can help you pinpoint. This way, you’re using the correct one for your hair type, color, and keeping your scalp strong for days. We know you’ll want to style your hair as much as possible, however, we recommend you keep away from the blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener immediately after you’ve washed your hair. Instead, maybe try some natural styles, such as braids, high bun, or ponytail, which are sure to still accentuate your lowlights. Last, but definitely not least, take care of your ends as well as the rest of your hair by visiting us here every six weeks or so for a trim to keep both your color and luscious locks healthy!

Are you ready to come down to Salone Antoine so we can get to work on that style you’ve always wanted? If so, give us a call at 703-691-8878 to schedule an appointment today. Our stylists look forward to your visit!

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