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Side Part vs Middle Part: Finding the Style for You

The age old question — a side part vs a middle part. This conversation has grown in popularity as of late, with middle parts making a comeback, thanks in part to Gen-Z’s particular love of the style. Following the trend can feel like the ideal option, but both hairstyles will work for you in different ways. Read below to learn more about the best way to part your locks, then schedule your appointment here at Salon Antoine posthaste!

Determining Your Face Shape

Before we delve into the benefits of side or middle parts, it’s important that you know what your face shape looks like. This will be the determining factor in which option will mesh best. Round faces are, as the name suggests, circular. With this shape, the length of your head matches with the width. Square faces are similar in this aspect, but they differ in the fact that there are slight curves in your cheekbones and your jaw is more squared off. Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead than jaw, along with a widow’s peak to form the heart. Oval shapes are similar to round with the lack of sharp corners, however, these features have a smaller forehead with larger cheekbones. Finally, diamond faces have smaller foreheads and chins with prominent cheekbones.

model with long brown hair with blonde highlights

Benefits of a Middle Part

As previously mentioned, middle parts have been regaining traction with Gen-Z in particular loving the cut. However, just because a style is popular does not mean that it’ll work with every face. This cut accentuates oval, diamond, heart, and circle face shapes. How does it help accentuate these features? Well, when your hair is divided right in the center, it gives off the illusion that your hair is longer than it actually is. Not to mention, since it is displayed on the middle of your head, it gives the added benefit of symmetry, which is an attractive quality to have in a hairstyle. What’s not to love?

models with hair parted to the side

Benefits of a Side Part

If a middle part doesn’t work with your face shape, then let’s push that hair off to the side! This option works best with the other half of shapes — square and diamond. Heart shapes also work with this feature, alongside the middle part, so you get the best of both worlds. A side part for this array of shapes would work to soften features. Since your jawline is sharper, parting your hair on the side would work to balance it out. This is opposed to the middle part, which aims to provide symmetry. Each style works in their own way, and you’re not obligated to choose one that complements your face shape.

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about your face shape, and what part would work with your features. At the end of the day, it’s best to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident. If you’re struggling to find the right route, our stylists at Salon Antoine will be happy to assist!

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