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Short Hairstyles for the Summer

Summer is almost upon us and that means new haircuts and colors that make it much easier to bear the heat! If you’ve decided to chop your long locks or you’re already strutting a short style but might want to go even shorter, we’re about to suggest some of the trendiest options you can go with. Once you’ve given our article a read-through, give us a call at 703-691-8878 to schedule your appointment here at Salon Antoine!

Shoulder-Length Cut

When you don’t want a hairstyle that’s too short, one classic choice is the shoulder-length cut. As its name suggests, this style is where your locks meet your shoulders. One great benefit of this cut is that it’s so easy to curl, straighten, create waves — you name it. It works with every hair type and texture as well. You can also decide to get it cut bluntly so it’s the same length all around, or instead add some layers for dimension. Another thing you’ll love about this style is that it’s not high maintenance. You’ll only have to get a trim here and there to ensure that your strands are always looking healthy and vibrant. Plus, this is one cut that’s great to show off naturally. While you might be tempted to grab that straightener or curling wand, you can also simply wash it and let it air dry to show off those waves or a straight, sleek look.

model outside shopping holding bags over her shoulder while pulling hair back with other hand

Bob & Lob

Next, let’s turn our attention to the bob and lob options. A bob is a short haircut that meets right at your jawline. With this style, you can vary it up by once again getting a blunt cut, an asymmetrical bob, or stacked bob. It’s also a breeze to style. You can simply add some curls and voila! Also, since it’s a short cut, you’ll be able to beautifully show off any highlights or contrast between two colors. You can also go with its gorgeous cousin, the lob. This cut is usually right above the shoulders and looks effortless no matter how you style it. One reason why a lot of ladies enjoy this style is because it puts life back into your hair. If your locks have been lacking that thickness, this cut can change all of that. It’s also still long enough when you want to tie it into a ponytail or a low bun. At other times, when you’d rather add in some curls or waves, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

model with tightly combed over hair poses before deep yellow backdrop


If you’re ready to go all in and part ways with your long hair, why not change things up with the pixie cut? This style is universally flattering and is usually longer at the front and shorter in the back, while also including bangs. It’s been around since the 1950’s and it’s here to stay because it’s so versatile. You can rock it with just one color, or choose to make the top lighter and the back darker. It’s great to experiment with when it comes to different hues. You can add as many highlights as you want and they will be easy to recognize. Who said you can’t have some longer pieces, too? You can decide to do angled layers and have the front meet your jaw. Lastly, this style allows you to try out more bold colors such as pinks or purples that won’t let you go unnoticed thanks to its short length.

Ready to try one of these styles for the warmer months? Make your way over to Salon Antoine and let our professional styles get started! We are open Monday through Saturday, so come and see us soon.

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