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Rose Dipped Ends

By March 13, 2020No Comments

It may be a new year but the rose gold trend hasn’t completely gone away yet. Here at Salon Antoine we want to show you a fresh way to enjoy one of the most popular colors to hit everything from jewelry and electronics to hair. Celebrate 2020 and spring with rose-dipped ends! Our professional stylists would love to talk with you today.

Whether you’ve explored semi-permanent washes at home or visited our salon for a full color transformation, rose gold hair has been everywhere in the past few years. We’re excited about this latest iteration in the trend for two main reasons – it works with a wide range of natural hair colors and its super low maintenance. With rose-dipped ends you’ll get a subtle glow that blends with your current color, adding warmth that’s perfect for the weather ahead. We also recommend this color for the customer who wants a unique options from their typically low lights or balayage. And, since the color is concentrated from the mid-shaft down, you won’t have to schedule as many touch-up appointments as you would with traditional highlights.

young woman wearing hat outdoors with long rose color dyed hair
female model with bob hair cut with rose colored highlights

Rose-dipped ends can be done in several variations to suit you hair’s natural texture, color, and the length that you desire. We’ve seen brunettes go with a medium pink that has more orange tones for a seamless blend, while lighter blondes are well-suited to a faded pink with white or yellow tones. Medium to long lengths will see color begin just above the cheek-bone area and gradually getting lighter at the ends. For shoulder-length hair and shorter color will usually begin a little lower and will be more integrated throughout to keep the look intentional.

One key element to keep in mind with rose-gold hair color, including rose-dipped ends, is hydration. We’ve found that this color has the most impact with the hair that is properly moisturized and glossy. Leave-in conditioners and oils are a great way to lock in moisture, especially if you use a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener on a regular basis. Our stylists would be happy to recommend a list of products that will help achieve that often elusive balance between glossy and greasy.

Stay golden with rose-dipped ends here at Salon Antoine! Request an appointment today and see why so many customers from throughout the Fairfax, VA, area trust our team.

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