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Rock ‘n Roll Inspired Wolf Cut

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s bold, cutting-edge, and has a hint of rock ‘n roll, our team at Salon Antoine wants to suggest a new option. The wolf cut combines elements of a shag and a mullet, as seen on several famous celebrities recently. Keep reading for more info and styling tips!

What is the Wolf Cut?

Although you may have never heard of the name, the wolf cut has its roots in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. It combines the choppy, almost fringe-like layers that characterized the shag haircut with a longer length of the bottom, which gives it the high-low mullet reference. This is a great option for customers who like either one of these hairstyles and want to try something different. The longer layers and hybrid look also make this an ideal choice for customers who are interested in a slightly more subtle, but still edgy, appearance.

model with dark blonde wolf cut style

Customize This Cut for Your Natural Hair Texture

Thanks to the heavy layers and longer ends, the wolf cut actually goes with many different natural hair textures. Our stylists will adjust the placement of the layers to follow the type of hair that you have. Wavy or curly hair-haired clients will likely find that they need less styling time and products to achieve the overall look, but even those with straight hair can see a similar result. This cut lends itself to having a very personal and unique feel when combined with the color and type of hair of the client.

model with dark blonde hair in wolf cut style


One thing you will want to consider with the wolf cut is frequent trims. This is especially important with the eye-framing bangs that can grow out quickly, depending on how fast your hair grows. We recommend scheduling a quick touch-up trim every three to four weeks with a cut like this. It does grow out easily if you decide you’re ready for a different look, so you don’t have to worry about a long-term commitment.

For the latest trends and classic cuts, come to Salon Antoine! Our experienced stylists look forward to seeing you soon.

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