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Ready for a Bold New Look? Explore Fresh Versions of the Mullet

For those who have tried all of the trends and are on the lookout for a haircut that is ahead of the curve, Salon Antoine has you covered. We are always paying attention to the runways and the red carpet to see what styles are emerging. This year the mullet is back with several different options that can be adapted to match your mood!

The Iconic Hairstyle is Back

A gender-fluid hairstyle that was most popular in the 1980’s, the mullet has since become a hairstyle usually not taken seriously. However, several celebrities have recently debuted this cut, sparking a revival that looks anything but costume. A few key details can make all the difference when it comes to this look, which is why our stylists will take into account your face shape, natural hair texture, and hair coloring when making a personalized suggestion. Like any short haircut, a mullet does require maintenance with frequent trims to keep it fresh. When you’re ready to grow it back out, simply let us know and we can suggest a cut that will accommodate the process.

stylist trimming bangs to create a mullet hairstyle

Personalize with Length

The key characteristic of the mullet is shorter on top or in the front and longer in the back. Texture is another important element. If you have thick hair or lots of natural texture, a few shorter layers may be all that’s needed with graduated layers around the neck, usually ending at or just above the shoulders. For those with finer or straight hair, this is also a great cut as it’s easy to add volume with extra layers. The contrast between the length of the hair on top and bottom is where you’ll find the different looks of the mullet. Bangs that fall below the eyebrows and flow into layers around the ears and above the shoulders is a great starting point for those considering this look and is the most forgiving with a wide variety of hair textures. We’ve also seen baby bangs with closely cropped layers around the ears and longer pieces around the back of the neck for a more dramatic version.

model pursing lips in kiss pose with mullet hairstyle

Add Color

Color is another way to experiment with the mullet. Highlights and lowlights can really play up the dimension of this cut. Soft blonde and light brown colors are always a popular choice during the warmers months, adding a spring or summery feel to your new chop. It can soften and modernize the mullet as well. Or, you go with a single color or add a glaze to your current color for enhanced depth without needing to worry about root touch-ups. If you’ve already been rocking this hairstyle and want to change it up, consider a pastel color on the ends or added throughout.

Our Salon Antoine experts want to make your hair goals a reality. Contact us today to explore fresh variations on the mullet or another iconic style! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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