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New Summer Trends – Rose Gold and Granny Colored Hair

Looking to rock a bold look for the summer? Then book an appointment at Salon Antoine, and let one of our highly-trained hair stylists transform your look for the new season. Our stylists are ready to transform your look into one of the new summer trends, Rose Colored Hair or Granny Colored Hair.

The Rose Gold Hair Trend

Rose GoldYou’ve seen it in your favorite jewelry and accessories, and now you can have the rich rose gold color for your hair. Rose Gold Hair is essentially blonde hair with a touch of pink, violet, peach, and gold, and it’s a hot transition from last season’s blonde, and a great way to make a new statement with your tresses. This latest ‘it’ shade is for blondes, brunettes, and red heads alike, as there are a variety of ways to rock this shade.

A subtle and buttery rose gold hue works great with ladies with tanned or olive skin tones, and can also go brighter to work on other skin tones. This hair color also works if you’re not sure you want to do all over color – try it out on just a small chunk of hair, highlights throughout, in your fringe area, or at the bottom of your hair to create a look similar to ombré. This is a great color option if you tend to stay on the safer side of hair color, because while this new shade has an alternative look, it isn’t too funky for every-day life. No matter how you style your hair, the rose gold hair trend is versatile for a perfect new summer look that you’ll see both on the streets and on the runway.

The Granny Hair Trend

Stylish SilverThis trend is not for your granny – this latest trend involves dying your hair a fun and different silver or grey hue. This new hue has been all over the fashion world, as fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel have styled their models with silver hair. The Granny hair trend has also been spotted on celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Kylie Jenner, and Nicole Ritchie with grey, white, and lavender tresses throughout their locks.

Elegant GreyThe Granny hair trend is basically any tone of grey in your hair: steel grey, silvery grey, white, platinum blonde, or violet undertones. While this trend is becoming more and more popular, it does take some time to achieve. Allow at least two hours to bleach your natural hair and then add the new color. This color can look striking as an all-over color, or you can also try specific chunks of your hair, the fringe area, or just your ends.

Make Salon Antoine your go-to location to change up your summer look with these two new hair trends. Whether you want to try the Rose Gold, or Granny Hair trend, schedule an appointment with one of our colorist’s today. Give us a call at 703-691-8878.