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New Nail Trends and Styles to Try in 2014

By March 13, 2014No Comments

New York’s fashion runways are a great place to see what’s new in the world of nail polish. There’s always something interesting and cutting-edge to explore. What nail trends are emerging for 2014? Here are a few of our top picks.

Moon Manis

A moon mani is like a French manicure, only upside down. In fact, the moon mani is being called the new French. Rather than paint the tips of your nails, to do a moon mani you apply the color to that pale semicircle at the base of your nail, often called the “moon.” What color should you paint the moon? Try white for the simplest twist. It calls to mind the French manicure look. Don’t feel limited, though. You can use any color you want. You can also invert the design, painting everything but the moon the color of your choice. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for one color on the moon and a contrasting color on the rest of your nail.

Slanted French Tips

Is the moon mani a little too extreme for you? There’s another, subtler twist on the classic French manicure you might like. In this look, the polish is applied in the usual place at the tip of your nail. The difference is that the stripe isn’t perfectly placed. Instead, it’s off center or slanted a bit. The result is a little more abstract and modern. Feel free to explore different color options. There’s no need to stick with the expected white.


The usual “two coats of the same color” approach seems to be out for the moment. We’re seeing more creative combinations of colors and textures instead. The polishes you pick don’t have to contrast sharply. Layering two similar colors, or a sheer over a solid, can lead to an interesting look. Glitter and other textured polishes work well here, too.


How many ways can you add stripes to a fingernail? Get creative, because stripes are in. Try thick or thin stripes in contrasting colors that run from the bed of your nail to the tip. You can do that on a plain nail or over another color. No one says your stripes have to go all the way up, though. You can stop in the middle if you’d like. Experiment with a single stripe versus several. For a little variety, try a stripe in a different direction on each nail. If you’re ambitious, use a nail pen to draw on a grid of lines.

Ready to Try Something New?

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