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New ‘Do, New You

Winter is over – and it’s time to come out of hiding. Shake out those long, luscious locks that have been hiding under hats, hoods, and ear muffs, and let’s spice things up. Come to Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, to spruce up your ‘do and wow everyone with your fashion-forward mane. Give us a call at 703-691-8878 to speak with one of our trendy stylists today!

Melt With the Heat

If you love your hair, you probably have a distinct love/hate relationship with the heat. It’s coming, though, so whether you want it to or not, it’s time to prepare! Stock up on anti-frizz and deep conditioners. Acquire new ponytails and some top-notch bobby pins. Most importantly, though, let’s talk about that summer color. Balayage and ombres are great – we love them, especially for those that want low-maintenance hair. We want to take things up to the next level, and raise you hair melting. This cultivated technique results in a multi-tonal gradient from root to tip that will have any hair color you choose, anywhere on the spectrum, looking like it naturally sprouted from your scalp. By blending the base color of your hair with highlights and lowlights, there will be no harsh lines and an easy transition from dark to light or dark to bright that will have you looking – and feeling – fabulous the entire summer. That’s embracing the heat!

New Do New You

Reverse Ombre

If you’re in the mood to do a total 180, we recommend the reverse ombre – and not just because we want to totally dig this trend and want to apply to every head of hair in sight. Typically, the lighter color is applied to the ends of the hair in a traditional ombre, but this method swaps the order. The light color will cradle face while the ends of your hair will take on the darker tones. A little bit punk, a little bit rebel, we can appreciate the beauty behind this on-point hair style. Fair warning, it will require more maintenance than the standard ombre, especially if your natural hair is very dark, so keep that in mind before opting for this new ‘do.
New Do New You


Make Your Statement

We can talk about multi-tonal hair colors and pastel locks and gorgeous dyes all day long, but there’s one constant that can always be counted on: one bold color makes a big statement. For the summer, we’ve been drooling over rusty reds and a dark sea green that cannot be denied a second glance. While these may be our two faves for the season, almost any color, done solidly, will easily wow the crowds. Opt for a blue-black or aubergine if you’re looking for a classic look with an edge, or go grey for a wildly on-point look.

No matter what hair color you want for the summer, we at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, are here to help. Our stylists always have an eye on the runway and a mind for technique, so you can be confident that you – and your beautiful mane – are in good hands. We’re conveniently located at 11092 Lee Hwy in Fairfax, VA. We hope you’ll schedule an appointment with us soon!

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