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Make a Statement With Platinum Blonde

One of the lightest yet show-stopping colors out there is platinum blonde! This shade has been making waves for a long time and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’d like to test this hue out fully on your hair or just with a few highlights, we’re ready to pamper you at Salon Antoine.

Why Is Platinum Blonde a Standout Color?

Platinum blonde is not a gorgeous color just because of the shade itself, but also because it tends to instantly bring out other features. This means that you’ll draw attention to your eyes, jawline, and those thick eyebrows in no time at all. Along with that, it can work on various different complexions to complement your overall look. If you were convinced that it might suit those with lighter eye colors or eyebrows more, think again! Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez have been seen strutting around with this head-turning shade. And sometimes, it will look beautiful even when your roots start to show if your base color is darker and you can make it pop further by adding some red lipstick!

model with chin length platinum blonde hair, smiling and looking downward

Dip Your Toes

Of course, if you don’t want to fully go platinum blonde, you can simply start with some highlights here and there. If the color you have now is one of a few shades darker, it will look fabulous with some streaks of this shade. This will let you see how much you enjoy it and if you’d want to add more later or completely cover your head in the hue. If you’re set on it, but you want the blonde to start further below the ears or ear-level, consider an ombré. But wait, you can also try a reverse ombré! This is when the shade begins at the roots and cascades into a darker color–perhaps even an unconventional one like purple or green. Last but not least, a balayage is also always an option. This just means that the platinum blonde color is going to begin closer to your roots, and since the dirty root is an ever-popular style, you can’t go wrong.

model outside on garden swing with long platinum blonde hair, wearing a straw sun hat


While platinum blonde is a beautiful hue, it does require some more maintenance than other colors. This may mean that you’ll need to stop by our store every four to six weeks for a touch-up if you’re interested. If you’re happy with how the tone looks after that time length or you like how it looks when it’s grown out, you can come and see us a bit later. In the meantime, we recommend washing it every other day at the most. This will help preserve the shade and keep it shining for a while. A great alternative is to invest in a dry shampoo that you like, which will get rid of grease and make your hair glisten. Also, you might decide to create daily hairstyles without using hot tools or use non-heat curlers when you want some waves.

Are you ready to make a statement with platinum blonde? If so, stop by Salon Antoine and let’s talk about this gorgeous color. You can find us at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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