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Lindsay Czarniak – Sports Anchor – ESPN

When I came back to DC from Miami, I was concerned about not being able to match the success I found with hairstylists in South Beach, such a fashion-forward city. However, what began as a recommendation (by my mother) turned into a relationship that has become important both to my career and my peace of mind in daily life.

Besides viewers opinions on the Redskins and other sports teams in the area, one of the comments I get emails about a lot is my hair. It sounds crazy and surprising, but my take is, I’m glad they feel I’m approachable enough to email about what they like (and don’t like about) about a new style. But more than anything, I get excited to pass along the information about the hairstylist I go to.

That’s why I swear by Tony Chahine of Salon Antoine. He is creative and always has good ideas but a very mindful eye for what’s hot but also what’s realistic for my job. He takes the time to work with you and I am never nervous about how something’s going to turn out. I don’t have a ton of free time so a salon experience is also very important to me and the setup in Fairfax is so inviting. The staff is right there to answer any questions and is extremely pleasant as well as accommodating to work with. It’s no secret that I tried hair extensions for the first time this past year. I got them done first by Mark at Salon Antoine and since then, he’s done them 2 more times. Talk about a risky move – but we discussed the process at length before we did it and he couldn’t have made me feel any better about what I wanted to do. When we actually attached the extensions, I loved it and would recommend him to anyone.

If there was a fantasy football for hairdressers I’ve had in my lifetime, Tony Chahine would be my first draft choice? Seriously, though, I love what he does with my hair but more importantly, the creativity and professionalism he brings to the process.

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