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Limitless Options: Change Up Your Hair

Whether you’re looking for a subtle or drastic change to your locks, we’d love to share some of your many options! After you read through this overview, contact us at Salon Antoine to set up a consultation with our stylists. We look forward to speaking with you!


One surefire way that you can switch up your look is to get a haircut. Even this umbrella of choices has a variety of routes you can consider. If you’re currently rocking a longer length, you might consider a lob, which will bring it up to your shoulders or slightly above. Of course, if you’d like to go even shorter, a bob is an excellent option. You can even choose an a-line bob. In the end, the front will be longer while the back is considerably shorter, all while creating a gorgeous final product. You might even choose the pixie, which doesn’t automatically limit you when styling your strands because you can leave some pieces longer so you can curl them or add waves. Lastly, you can simply get layers if you want to leave the length the same and would also like to add some dimension to your overall look.

model with long blonde hair being trimmed by stylist


Sometimes, getting a new color can automatically change your hair in a fabulous way. Whether this means some highlights here or there or a whole new shade, you can’t go wrong! Face-framing highlights are also very popular these days and are sure to draw attention to your eyes and cheeks. Another great choice is the ombré. This way, you can leave your roots darker if they already are while still enjoying a different, lighter hue at the same time. If you’ve been thinking about completely stepping away from natural colors and want to try something bold like pink or blue, we’re more than happy to help you find a shade that works for you when you’re here. Even with these, you can add more than one hue for a gorgeous contrast.

model with long pink hair, holding pink headphones on head and wearing a baggy pink top

Permanent Waves and Extensions

If you are looking for a solution that will add richness and length to your locks or a way to not have to style your locks constantly, we have an answer! For the former, you can add some extensions, which will give you that volume that you’ve been wanting. You can treat it as if it’s your natural hair and style them to your liking. After about eight weeks, feel free to revisit us if you’d like a new set or have them removed. Another option is permanent waves. This is going to give you those curls or waves that you desire, and you won’t have to always reach for the curling iron. After a few months or so, we welcome you to come back if you’d like to switch things up!

Once you’re ready to try something new for your own locks, pay us a visit at Salon Antoine! For any questions beforehand, just pick up the phone and contact us.

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