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Have you wanted to switch up your hairstyle or just add some dimension? If so, then one way to go about this is to get some layers! When you’re ready for a change, come on down to Salon Antoine so we can give you the look you’ve been craving. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and can’t wait to pamper you!

Steal the Show

When you decide to add some layers to your hair, you’ll no doubt turn heads wherever you go. Layers are a great way to gain that fuller hair look and bring out your best facial features, such as those gorgeous eyes! If you’ve realized that your hair has become thin and looks lifeless, then layers are the way to go! They give the illusion of body and can transform a simple haircut into a vibrant one. Not only do they add volume, but they also add texture and bring out that flair that’s been missing from your hairstyle. Plus, layers work will all hair types! Whether you’re rocking short, long, curly, or wavy hair, layers are for everyone! You’ll also love that you can keep your length or be daring and chop it, but the new style with layers will enhance your overall look. Pair that with some bold lipstick, and voila – all eyes will be on you when you hit the town with your girls!

girl with silver and purple ombre hair


Ponytail? Check. Curling? Check. Sleek and Straight? Check. You are in no way limited when it comes to styling your hair with layers! You can easily slip it into a ponytail to get your hair out of your face, yet let the layers show. If you want to accentuate every bounce as you walk into a room, curl it, girl! They will unmask the different lengths and hide any parts that may be uneven. Do you want to show off that smooth, lengthy hair? Then grab a flat iron and get to work! You’ll be able to present all sides of your layers and how voluminous your hair is. For a subtle, yet exciting look, curl your hair at the ends when straightening for a soft bend. We didn’t forget about waves! You can always go with chopped layers and then use some mousse to work wonders and bring out your waves. The possibilities are endless!

Maintain the Beauty

In order to keep your hair layers looking gorgeous, shiny, and healthy, you’ll need to invest in a moisture-rich shampoo, which you can get right here at our salon! It will strengthen and nourish your hair to always give you that glow you desire. An essential part of hair maintenance is getting regular cuts, but you’ll be happy to hear you only have to get your layers trimmed every six weeks. If you wait longer, you might lose the definition and dimension you have. Additionally, it may be fun to add some color to your layers if you choose to do so. Any haircut can become boring if it’s not changed up from time to time, so enhance your look by throwing in some simple highlights or go with the ever-popular ombré to turn heads as you walk by!

girl with brown hair

When you have some free time, stop into Salon Antoine so our stylists can spice up your hair with the look you’ve been wanting for some time now! We know you’ll walk out of here with a smile and ready to conquer the day. Give us a call at 703-691-8878 to schedule your appointment today!

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