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Keep It Cool with a Summer Cut

Summer’s high temperatures are in full swing and if you’ve been holding on to your long locks now is the perfect time to visit Salon Antoine for a lob. Otherwise known as a long bob, we love the lob for warm weather due to its versatility and how well it works with a wide range of hair textures. This trendy look isn’t going anywhere, so give us a call to book an appointment with one of our expert stylists.

What is a Lob?

Although the exact length can vary based on the natural texture and thickness of your hair, a lob generally hits right at or just below the shoulders. If you have tight curls or medium to thick waves, this is a great length to ensure there is enough weight for the hair to fall evenly. For those with fine hair, a layered lob provides body and volume without having to tease or add large amounts of product. When heat and humidity strikes you’ll feel cool even when your hair is down – it’s like an instant breath of fresh air! This length still provides plenty of options, including a half knot or bun when you want to keep your hair off your neck completely. We do recommend stopping by every two or three months to keep your cut looking at its best, but a quick trim is all you’ll need.

model walking on sidewalk with lob haircut

Styling Tips

The lob is also great cut for hair clips and barrettes, two of the biggest accessory trends of the year. Stop by your favorite store in person or online to stock up on a range of colors and sizes. Our stylists would be happy to show you several different ways to style these throwback accessories in runway-inspired fashion, from a dramatic side-swept part to a messy bun accented by a collection of your favorite clips. Even if you just want advice on the best products for your new shorter cut, our stylists will take the time to recommend a few of their favorite choices. We have experience with a wide variety of hair textures and want you to feel confident in your hair’s natural beauty!

model with lob hairstyle

Transition Into Fall

Another benefit in favor of the lob? It’s a great length to show off layered outfits when cooler weather finally arrives. Bring full attention to a bright scarf or a statement hat with shoulder-length hair that won’t distract or get in the way. Come back and let us transform this cut for a new season with a warm brown, red, or copper color that reflects the cozy mood of fall. Although it’s perfect for summer, we really love how versatile this cut is and how it wonderful it looks all year long. You may even find yourself considering an angled bob once you see how easy it is to wash and style short hair.

If you’re ready for a refreshing way to beat the heat, come to Salon Antoine for a summer lob! We want to see you leave feeling excited about your look and knowledgeable about how to style it on your own. For the customer-focused salon experience you deserve, head on over to 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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