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Is Your Hair Ready for Summer?

Summer is a great time to give in to that itch to chop off your hair. With the weather getting warmer and humidity becoming a constant threat to any volume, a cute bob or pixie cute would remedy a lot of heat related issues. At Salon Antoine, our knowledgeable and well-trained staff will help you find the perfect trendy cut to get you through the hot summer months.

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Take it to the Extreme

Pixie cuts are an edgy no-nonsense look that almost every celebrity has adopted at least once during their career – and there’s a good reason why. They remain classic, but have a sharpness to them, especially when you play with the shape. Cutting those tresses but leaving a swoopy side-bang offers some spice to this sweet, feminine haircut.

Not to mention that pixies will keep you cool during the summer and shave hours off of your hair routine every morning. Just a little perk.
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Go Classic

People seem to be hesitant to chop off their long locks and embrace the classic bob, saying that their hair will get boring or stale—but at Salon Antoine, we’re here to prove that hypothesis wrong, because there’s so much you can do with a bob! For an edgy look, slick it back or get it bone-straight to highlight your jaw line. Add a little wave to give this understated look some flair. Use a pump of texturizer to obtain that messy chic look that takes hours to get with tresses past your shoulders.

And, whether you like your hair a little more on the layered side, to reduce your blow-drying time, or want that sharp, angled cut, center-parts are all the rage this season. They do double duty, looking elegant as well as offering up some contouring effects around your cheekbones!

Bobs are also perfect to add accessories to without much fuss. Headbands and ornate clips easily compliment any sort of bob, whether heavily layered or blunt.
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Bang It Up

Not ready to part with inches of your beautiful hair? That’s okay, you can still shake it up. Bangs are definitely in this season, especially those wispy brow-grazing bangs that only require a little tending to in the morning. What would we all do if the messy look never came in style, right, ladies?

Whatever style you’re interested in this lovely spring to summer transition, come on in to Salon Antoine. We’ll make sure that you leave our salon looking glamorous and feeling great. Give us a call at 708-691-8878 to set up an appointment today!
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