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Hello Bangs

By March 23, 2018May 8th, 2019No Comments

A hair change doesn’t always have to be drastic. Sometimes even a subtle change makes all the difference. One way you can spice up your life and make that hair pop is by considering bangs. They’re great because they bring out the shape of your face, make a dull hairstyle an edgy one, and bring attention to your gorgeous eyes. Call us today at 703-691-8878 to schedule an appointment so our professional stylists here at Salon Antoine can finally give you this style you have been wanting!

Why Go with Bangs

We know you may be hesitant to go with bangs because you’re thinking, do I really want to invest in this haircut, and what it if doesn’t come out right? Is there an undo?! But don’t worry. Bangs are great because there truly is a style that flatters every face shape. They’ll frame and soften your face and there’s a ton of versatility. Don’t be thinking they’ll always just fall and sit there. You can move them to the side, chop them shorter, and even pin them back with some bobby pins when you want them out of your face! They’re a great way to change up your look if you haven’t had bangs for a while.

girls brown hair and bangs

Choices, Choices, Choices

When it comes to bangs, there’s a style for everyone! If you go with Wispy bangs, they will soften up your face because they’re thin, provide dimension, and they’ll always be a popular! These are getting all the buzz because celebrities are rocking them at Red Carpet premieres and awards shows at all times. They also fall naturally and they’re universally flattering. What’s not to love about that?! You’ll really enjoy that they also soften your angles to bring out your best features! You can also opt for Blunt bangs, which go straight across your forehead and look heavier. They’re great because you can style them easily with a hairdryer and they’re super edgy, all while framing your face. You can also curl the bottom of them slightly to add even more of an edge to your style. You might also consider going with side-swept bangs, which go from one side of your head and across your forehead. This style is common and they look great with thick or thin hair. Plus, they especially draw attention to your eyes and they grow out beautifully as well. You can also layer them and they’re meant for every face shape and hair length, even a pixie or bob!

Styling & Upkeep

One amazing thing about bangs is they can take less than a minute to style with a blow-dryer. Even if you let them airdry, they’ll look gorgeous! You’ll end up with that choppy and natural look that you maybe intended for in the first place. If you thought you were limited to how you can style your bangs, you’d be wrong. If you don’t feel like having a straight across fringe that day, move them to the side. You want to display those thick eyebrows? Cut the bangs a bit shorter! The possibilities are endless. You’ll also fall in love with dry shampoo when you get bangs if you haven’t up until now. Just invest in a great dry shampoo, and your hair will look incredible at all times. Also, just because you have bangs now doesn’t mean you can no longer wear the no-bang look. Take some bobby pins and pin your bangs to the side or if your bangs are a bit longer, pin them back like you would if you poofed your hair. If you want, add some color to your bangs! Even just a few highlights here and there will make a huge difference. Plus, you only have to get a trim every six weeks or so, so that’s another added bonus to this everlasting hairstyle!

girl with red hair and bangs

Are you ready to try the silver-grey style and get that color you’ve always wanted to try? If so, make your way over to Salon Antoine today! We are open Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, and our friendly stylists can’t wait to finally give you the look you’ve been yearning for. We hope to see you soon!

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