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Haircuts for Longer Locks

If you currently have long locks and just want to subtly change things up or go shorter, we’ll chat about some cuts you can go with. Once you’d like to visit us at Salon Antoine, pick up the phone to schedule your appointment. We hope to hear from you soon!

The Lob

Perhaps you’ve heard of the bob cut, but have you heard of the lob? Well, this style can be considered the former’s cousin and meets right at the shoulders or just slightly below. You can get just one length, do an angled lob, or even pair it with some layers here and there. People love this option because it is long enough to still style in so many ways–including curls, straight, or a ponytail. If you aren’t too sure how you want yours cut, no problem! Our stylists will work with your hair texture and face to frame it to your ideal look. Last but not least, when you’re here, you might even decide to try a new color or some highlights with your lob.

model with wavy blonde hair cut to base of neck posed in profile in front of solid black background

The U- and V-Cuts

If you aren’t too familiar with the U- or V-Cut, we’re more than happy to explain the difference. The first one is usually styled with one even length, and you may have guessed it, ends in a “U” shape. The middle is also typically longer than the sides, to ultimately create oomph and dimension no matter how you decide to wear it that day. Want to know one huge benefit of this option? It is flattering on almost any type of hair and looks gorgeous in any color. Your other choice is the V-Cut. As its name states, it forms the letter “V” toward the ends and typically has a heavy amount of layers. With the help of these, you’ll be able to create that multi-dimensional appearance that we all crave. And while you may be on the fence about doing a middle part, it will definitely look fabulous with the V-Cut.

model with sandy blonde waist length wavy layered hairstyle


When you don’t want to get rid of any length, you can simply switch things up with layers. This doesn’t mean that you have to get many of these for a new look. Sometimes, just some here and there will do wonders. One perk of layers is instant richness–especially if your hair is thin and feels like it is lacking dimension. You also have a choice of whether you’d like to get long or short ones as well. Once again, our professionals here will talk with you and help you decide on which would work best on your hairstyle and face shape. Also, while you may be convinced that short or long refers to its length, it is really about the distance between the layers. If you want to meld both, let us know and we can chat about it when you stop by.

To try one of these lovely choices on your own hair, plan a visit to Salon Antoine! We can’t wait to meet you and create the look that you want to have. Stop by when you can!

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