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Haircuts for Easy Maintenance and Styling

By May 19, 2021No Comments

With more people working from home either part time or full time, low-maintenance hair has become increasingly popular. If you’re looking for an easy way to look professional on a video call with your co-workers or clients, the right haircut can make all the difference! Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists here at Salon Antoine today.

Embracing Your Natural Texture

The first thing we’ll take into account when suggesting a low-maintenance cut is your hair’s natural texture. If you’ve been styling your hair with heat for the past few years, you may not even be sure of your natural hair text and that’s okay! We recommend washing your hair the day or two before your appointment and letting it air dry so that our stylists can take a closer look. Feel free to talk with them about any struggles or frustrations you’ve had about letting your hair air dry. In many cases, a few strategic layers can work wonders on hair that appears flat or uneven without the use of a blow dryer and curling or flat iron.

model laughing with long curly hair


In most cases, medium length hair is the most low maintenance. Hair that is shoulder length or above often looks best with frequent trims to preserve the layers, especially styles like a pixie or a blunt bob. Depending on your hair texture, shorter styles may also require extra styling time to shape the hair. A few natural layers ending just past the shoulder is often the sweet spot, as it grows out naturally and has enough weight to keep wavy or curly hair from looking unkempt. To match your low-maintenance cut with an equally fuss-free color, we recommend lowlights or balayage that’s within a few shades of your natural hair color. This reduces the need for touch-ups as soon as your roots start to grow out.

model with spray bottle pointed toward long curly hair


The last step for quick and heat-free hair success is knowing which products to use. We are happy to recommend products that work to promote and encourage your hair to air-dry at its best, such as a curl or wave enhancer, frizz reducer, or even a dry shampoo to prolong your look. It may take some trial and error to find a routine that works best for you, such as washing your hair in the evening or in the morning, and braiding or putting in a bun while it’s wet. The good news is that we are always here to help, even after you’ve left our salon. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need some advice about ways to style your new cut.
Save time and give your hair a break from heat tools with Salon Antoine’s haircuts for easy maintenance and styling!

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