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Hair Trends for Fall 2015

By September 29, 2015No Comments

hair trends 2015Fall 2015 hair trends are nothing but bold and fierce. As colors change on the autumn leaves, so do stylish hair colors. Expect bold vibrant hues like cobalt blue undertones, and magenta highlights. Also, soft pastel colors are gaining notice within the hair industry by bringing a whimsical, bright look to women’s locks. As far as texture goes, look for more naturally messy and uneven looks.

Women are trading in their prim and polished flat-ironed hair, for a more laid-back, effortless look. Complete your look with one of these upcoming hair trends and by booking an appointment at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA. We provide a variety of color services and texture treatments for all kinds of hair. Our team of professional Fairfax hairstylists will help you get the new and fresh look you want this Fall!

Bold Colors

Our coloring specialists at Salon Antoine are here to create the vibrant hair colors you want. If you just want to add a touch of deep blue to your lowlights, you can get the fashionable cool chestnut hue. For a look that stands-out, go for an all-over cobalt blue with semi-permanent dye to add some personality to your locks!
Add richness to your hair by adding hues of magenta to your color. Or, create your dreamiest look with our pastel palette. You can lighten up your hair with champagne reds or strawberry golds.

Loose Texture

The effortless, tousled locks of the 70’s are back in style. Create loose, “hand” waves by softly curling your hair, or leave it bare and natural. Trade in those tight curls for easy, natural waves that gently frame the face. Long bangs are also on trend for Fall 2015, and can give you a flawless look when paired with your untouched tresses.

Long Locks and Short Dos

Long or straight, and nothing in between is this season’s style. This year, we are ridding the infamous “lob” for more clear-cut hair lengths. Go for a short bob, or a textured bowl cut if you want to go short. Slightly straight, or barely wavy will leave your long hair looking effortless. Either way you go, short or long, you’ll leave our Fairfax, VA, salon looking gorgeous.

For all of this season’s trends, schedule an appointment at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, today, and one of our hair care specialists will help you create the look you want. There are so many new and exciting hair trends to choose from, so one is sure to complement both your style and personality! Schedule an appointment today and call us at 703-692-8878.