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Hair Colors for the Summer

By February 25, 2022No Comments

With the summer months vastly approaching, we’d love to talk about some head-turning colors that will shine bright during the day. After reading about these shades, make a stop at Salon Antoine to chat with our stylists and see which would work best for you. Stop by soon!

Show-Stopping Blonde

One color you might choose to go with is blonde. If you weren’t aware, there are several shades of blonde to consider. For a very noticeable hue, you might opt for platinum. Of course, if you want a gorgeous mix between this color and red, strawberry blonde is a fabulous choice. There are also honey-blonde and medium variations that will turn heads right away. Plus, you can also add a shade or two lighter into your current color that is sure to glisten during those warm months. Have you heard of bronde? This is when you mix brown and blonde to create a beautiful ending look. This color was popularized by supermodel Gisele in the earlier 2000s and hasn’t stopped making waves since. And no matter how you style your hair, you’ll be able to show off each and every strand.

model with blonde hair wearing wide brim hat on a hilltop near mountains

Beautiful Brown

Sometimes, there is this misconception that brown hair is only for the cooler months of the year–no way. You can be strutting around in a gorgeous color of this shade during June, July, and August as well. If you want more of a lighter color, you might go with golden brown or caramel. Not only that, but these colors also work great as highlights on a darker base. If you want to try a deeper option, chocolate might be your best bet. Brown works best on darker complexions and can also be paired with any of the previous two colors. You can also decide to go with an ombré, and the lighter color that starts at about the ears or lower can be blonde or red. If you’re a brunette, your options are limitless because adding a contrast of one or several shades into your hair will do wonders.

model with long curly red hair standing near window in loft style room wearing long sleeved blue sweater with folded arms and one hand up on chin

Riveting Red

If you currently have brown or blonde hair, you might completely change things up with red. As with the prior choice, this one comes in several shades as well. If you would like to go more on the brighter side, you can choose from ginger or copper. For more of a lighter option, auburn and golden copper are fabulous choices. How about if you’re a fan of cooler tones? Then cherry or mahogany reds are right up your alley. If you’d like to get even more creative, you may opt for a violet or black cherry hue. No matter which one you’re thinking of, our stylists are happy to chat about which would match your complexion best. Not just that, if you only want to dip your feet in the waters of red, maybe start with a few highlights first to see if you enjoy having the color added to your current look.

When you’re ready for a color change, visit us at Salon Antoine! We would be delighted to help you achieve a look that you’ll love. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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