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Gorgeous Medium-Length Hairstyles for Fall 2013

Braided HairThe temperatures are dropping. The leaves are changing color. The days are getting shorter. And if you haven’t swapped summer for winter in your wardrobe yet, you’re bound to soon.

Fall is a time of year for changes, and your look is no exception. You may find yourself reaching for a darker shade of lipstick or celebrating the drop in humidity by wearing your locks loose more often. And what better way to switch up your look for fall than by getting a new hairstyle?
Here are our favorite fresh looks you can try out on your medium-length hair this autumn. Whether your hair is fine, medium, or thick, we have you covered.

Styles for Fine to Medium Hair

  • Go with light layers for an easy everyday look. Sleek fringe and loose messy curls are a snap to style, simple to maintain, and always in fashion. Using your curling iron on just the lower half of each section of hair will keep your curls relaxed.
  • Prefer a little more wave? Keep the sleek fringe, but tighten up the curls a bit. Start by taking narrow sections of hair and curling them from tip to root in alternating directions. Then run your fingers gently through the curls to loosen them up.
  • If straight is more your style, go for long layers that frame your face. After blowdrying your hair straight and smooth, use your fingers to create a slightly messy zigzag part.

Styles for Medium to Thick Hair

  • Add a little curl to your light layers without adding too much bulk. Part your hair just off center. Then, using a large barrel curling iron, curl the ends of the right and left sides inward. Gently rake your hands through the curls to relax them.
  • Want to up your curl? Start by parting your hair a little to one side. Then, working in sections, use a medium barrel curling iron on the full length of each. Change directions as you go to create some interest. Let the curls fall where they will.
  • If you have textured hair, tame it with a straightening iron. Then part your hair right down the center and style downward to keep it smooth. Let the ends separate a bit to add a little interest.

All of these styles will benefit from a little hairspray when you’re done to make sure they stay put. And of course, use your favorite volumizing mousse or leave-in conditioner as usual.

Do you need some guidance about how to change your hairstyle this fall? Or could your current cut use a little brushing up? Our professional Salon Antoine stylists would be happy to help. Give us a call at 703-691-8878 or send us an email to book your appointment!

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