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Goodbye Frizz, Hello Smooth!

By April 22, 2019No Comments

While curls are beautiful and eye-catching, they can sometimes be hard to manage, especially when they poof up as soon as you attempt to brush them out. If you’ve dreamed of saying goodbye to your locks for a couple of months, why not consider a smoothing treatment? Read on to see why it’s such a game-changer and when you think it’s time to replenish your hair, give our stylists a call at 703-691-8878 to schedule your appointment here at Salon Antoine. We can’t wait to meet you!

model with long light brown straight hair

What is a Smoothing Treatment?

Maybe you’ve heard of various treatments such as the Malibu, Keratin, or Brazilian Blowout, in passing, but, aren’t too familiar with what they are. We’re here to give you some details on what a smoothing treatment is and why it does wonders on your hair. A smoothing treatment, sometimes a called a Keratin treatment, can transform the structure of your hair and bring back the shine that you’ve been wanting. Over time, our hair tends to lose its protein and this treatment puts that much-needed protein right back in. The process consists of saturating your locks with a coat of protein that gets rid of the frizz and creates a soft and flossy look – all while still maintaining the texture. If you’re worried that your hair might end up too straight, don’t fret! We will use the formula that’s suited for your type so you get the look and feel that you’ve been wanting for some time now. Ultimately, if you still want to keep your curls or waves but want to minimize the frizz, this is the treatment for you!


If you aren’t intrigued yet, let us share some benefits of a smoothing treatment. First, you won’t be visiting the salon often since this treatment eliminates frizz and keeps your hair straight for up to three months. Talk about amazing! The keratin will keep your hair smooth and sleek, so you can take on the town with your girls without worrying about strands sticking out here and there. Your coils will also be healthy and glistening for days! The keratin is a natural product that keeps the brittle and cracks away and gives a smooth look. Plus, when you have tight coils and want to strut straight hair when going out or for work, it can take quite some time to straighten it out, but with the smoothing treatment, you reduce the time styling it. Along with this, you’ll also save time when drying your hair and won’t have to use too many hair products, such as hairsprays and mousse to keep it glossy and in place!

brunette model with long straight hair


There are a few things to keep in mind after getting a smoothing treatment. One of the most important aspects is that you should not wash your hair for about three days. But who says that’s a downfall? Us girls love that we won’t have to wash our locks for a couple of days! Along with not washing, you should also avoid ponytails, up-dos, or braids. To prolong the shine, use a cap when showering or swimming and sleep with your hair lose. You’ll also want to invest in a sulfate-free shampoo, which we can help you with when you’re here at the salon. We can also recommend conditioners and hair masks that you can utilize that will help keep your hair frizz-free, strong, and resilient. After about two to three months, come see us!

Are you ready to restore your hair with a smoothing treatment? Well, then come on down to Salon Antoine! We are open Monday through Saturday and can’t wait to get started on your beautiful locks. See you soon!

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