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Five Perfect Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

By April 2, 2014No Comments

The temperatures are finally starting to warm up and spring has arrived, which can only mean one thing: it is officially wedding season 2014. And while there is no denying that brides make their hairstyle for the big day a top priority, it is also important that her bridesmaids are looking their best as well! The expert Northern VA hair stylists at Salon Antoine offer theres five beautiful hairstyles for ladies with long hair:

Vintage Curls

Give the traditional curly and down bridesmaid hair style a bit of a twist with some stunning vintage curls. By brushing the pin curls and finger waves gently, it will create a gorgeous, classic look that will command attention. Using a bristle brush when taking out your pin curls is always a good idea, as it will increase the volume of your hair.

Braided Updos

Spruce up any updo by adding a braid cascading across your head in the back. Keep in mind, it is always best to implement the braid last, otherwise it may not be visible against the other pieces of the updo.

Waterfall Twist or Braid

Those interested in keeping their hair down but still want an elegant, trendy look should try adding a waterfall braid or twist to wavy hair. This instantly will glamorize a casual, hair-down look just by securing the twist or braid with a clear elastic and hiding it.

Half-Up, Half-Down

For this stunning bridesmaid hairstyle, the locks are loosely curled and halfway secured in larger curls in the back of the head. The sides of the hair should be swept away for a look that is chic (and keeps the hair out of your face). When donning this look, it’s always best to backcomb the hair at the base before pulling the hair back; this will give your bobby pins hair to hold onto, keeping the updo in place.

Curled Updo

This traditional bridal hairstyle curls the hair before brushing them out and pinning them in a loose updo for a sun-kissed look. The softer, airier curls are secured at the nape to ensure they stay in place. Keep your curls longer by using a flat iron for more moveable locks.

All brides want everything to be perfect on their wedding day, and that includes having her bridesmaids looking their very best! For more bridal hairstyling tips or to schedule a special occasion consultation with our premiere hair salon, call us today at 703-691-8878. Salon Antoine has many years of experience working with wedding parties, ensuring they feel confident and beautiful on the big day!

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