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Find the Perfect Celebrity Hair Inspiration with a Salon Antoine Stylist

When it’s time to change up your hairstyle, you may look to celebrities for new ideas. Whether it’s flipping through a magazine, watching the latest blockbuster or your favorite television show, inspiration for new looks are everywhere. No matter what celebrity look you want to embody, come into Salon Antoine and our hairstylists will help you make that look your own.


Emma Watson sporting a short cutDuring the hot summer months, it’s not uncommon to sport a shorter hair style to keep cool. Whether you want to channel Emma Watson circa 2010, or Michelle Williams, our stylists will create the perfect pixie look so you can personify your favorite short-haired celebrity. Not only will this keep you cool for the summer, it is also easy to manage, and you won’t have to worry about your long straight locks curling the second you walk into humidity. Extra bonus – you’ll be using a lot less shampoo, conditioner, and other various hair products during your hair routine.


Mila Kunis with long beachy wavesLong beachy waves are always in –if you’re going to a wedding, or spending a night out in the city with friends, it’s the perfect casual yet elegant look. While long wavy hair is popular in Hollywood, Mila Kunis often perfects this effortless look, keeping it simple yet refined. Our stylists can not only give you this wavy look, but we can also color your hair to a natural chestnut with subtle highlights (just like Mila’s!), beautifully accentuating your summer tan, and your tendrils’ waves.


Looking to celebrities for inspiration is also helpful when you want to switch up your hair color. In the summer, you may decide to lighten up tresses. If you want to go blonde, lean towards Jennifer Aniston’s blonde hair with caramel toned highlights throughout. This color not only brings out a summer glow, but is also great if you don’t want to be too far on the platinum end. If you have your heart set on a lighter blonde shade, consider Jennifer Lawrence’s hue. Dabble in vibrant red tones, Emma Stone’s red is the perfect shade that works on a multitude of skin tones.

The stylists at Salon Antoine are always up to date on the latest celebrity hair colors, cuts, and styles, and are here to help you turn a celebrity hair style into your own A-List look. Start embodying your favorite celebrity today and call 703-691-8878 to book an appointment with one of our stylists.

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