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Fall Trend to Try – Microbob

Between fashion week, cooler weather that allows for more layers, and new opportunities, fall is often the time we see an increase in new trends. At Salon Antoine we love testing out the latest styles, like the microbob. Keep reading to see if this could be your new fall look!

History and Inspiration

Those who already have short hair will immediately be intrigued by the microbob. There are a few things that make this style stand out from a traditional bob, starting with the overall length. Traditionally a bob haircut falls just above the shoulders. A microbob is going to be shorter, with the ends reaching just past the earlobe or chin at the longest. The style is inspired by the flapper haircuts 1920’s and modern recent Parisian street styling, combined for a fresh take.

smiling model with olive green shirt and turquoise backdrop with brunette short bob style

Key Elements of the Microbob

Another key element to the microbob is the blunt end. You won’t see angled or graduated layers with this look, unless they are very subtle to help blend natural hair texture. You can see a variation when it comes to bangs with this style – think very short, very blunt bangs that end above the eyebrows. Having bangs is definitely more of a commitment when it comes to the overall look and maintenance of this style, but if you’re ready to make a serious statement it can have a stunning effect.

model with bright auburn color short bob cut

Product and Style Tips

Products and styling are important for the microbob. A medium-hold texture gel or sea salt spray is recommended if your hair has natural waves or curls. For those who have straight hair, a light gel or cream will enhance shine and minimize frizz. When styling in-between washing, a small amount of dry shampoo and heat from your blow-dryer can help to absorb oil and revive the shape. As with any short hair cut, you’ll want to keep a monthly visit on your schedule for us to give your microbob a fresh trim.

Stop by Salon Antoine and give your look a fresh feel with a microbob! From a new style to product recommendations and premium color, our team can do it all.

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