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Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends

Model Purple HairLooking for a new hair color this fall? There are many different colors to choose from, however, not all colors suit everyone and their features. Choosing a new color for your hair needs to be done carefully and the actual coloring process is best done by professionals. There are way more colors than one would think — there are many shades of blonde, brown, black, red, and even wilder colors such as pink, blue, green, etc. So how is one to decide which color would be best for them this fall? By checking out the list of fall hair color trends below and talking with your stylist about which colors work best with your skin tone and other features.

Fall Hair Color Trends

  • Creamy Yellow: This is a pale golden yellow color
  • Light Brown with Blonde Contrast: This is a light brown color with highlights added in
  • Honey Blonde: This color is a deeper blonde with a slight red tint
  • Strawberry Gold: This color is a deeper strawberry blonde with a deeper red hue added
  • Medium Chocolate Brown: This is a medium to light brown with caramel color highlights added in
  • Brown with Accents: This is a dark auburn color
  • Deepest Warm Brown: This color is a dark brown that is almost black
  • Cool Chestnut: This color is a medium brown with golden tones
  • Warm Black: This is a soft black color
  • Chocolate Brown with Golden Strands: This is a medium brown color that has hints of golden brown in it to make it look multidimensional

These are just a few hair colors that are trending for fall. There are many more hair colors to choose from this fall season. The best colors for this fall seem to be darker hair colors. This doesn’t mean you have to go from blonde to dark brown or black. This just means if you add a little darker highlights such as light brown or caramel to your blonde hair to darken it slightly you will fit right in this fall. Still cannot decide which style is best for you? Talk to a professional stylist at Salon Antoine today. Their professional stylist will be able to help you decide which color suits your features and hairstyle the best. They will also use the best products so that dyeing your hair will not cause damage to your hair as some hair dye can.

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