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Fairfax Virginia Top Hair Salon, Salon Antoine, Announces New Hair Smoothing Treatment

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Award-winning Fairfax Salon, Salon Antoine is announcing its new offering: Olio di Morocco hair smoothing treatment. It’s a revolutionary hair treatment guaranteed to transform tangled, frizzy hair into smooth, luxurious tresses without the damaging daily use of heated styling tools. This new treatment illustrates Salon Antoine’s commitment to searching the world for little-known solutions to hair care problems.

For years, the most popular hair smoothing treatment has been a traditional keratin treatment. Keratin treatments were popular because they did do the job well — they smoothed hair — and they lasted a long time. But the biggest problem with them is that keratin treatments are made with formaldehyde, a toxic, carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent.

But because the keratin hair-smoothing treatment was so effective, clients with coarse, damaged or frizzy and unmanageable hair continued to line up for treatment, in spite of the risks.

Salon Antoine owner Antoine Chahine, realizing that formaldehyde-based keratin treatments would only be pushed out if a better alternative were available, began to aggressively search for and test other treatments. He finally found a winner in the Olio di Morocco hair smoothing treatment.

Instead of formaldehyde, the Olio di Morocco treatment uses glycolic acid to allow the keratin to penetrate the hair strand. The additional use of argan oil moisturizes the hair and gives it a supple bounce and shine. “Clients love it,” says Chahine, “and we all feel happier knowing that it’s much better to be around.”

The keratin in the Olio di Morocco treatment smooths out the hair cuticle, repairing any damage to the cell structure, and reforming in a more smooth and relaxed formation. Hence, the Olio di Morocco treatment is suitable for relaxing very curly hair, treating color-damaged or frizzy hair, or smoothing and straightening any type of hair for greater manageability — safe, effective, and revolutionary.

About Salon Antoine

Salon Antoine has been named the top salon in Fairfax, VA and is the salon of choice for numerous Washington, D.C. area celebrities and TV personalities. Their stylists have trained around the world, and specialize in cutting-edge techniques and fashion-forward styles to help every client feel and look their best. Check them out online at or call for an appointment at 703-691-8878.

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