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Face Framing Hair Options

When you happen to be looking for some options for your hair that will frame your face beautifully, we’re about to share some that you can choose from! After your read-through, pick up the phone to find a time to come and see us to give one of these a try at Salon Antoine. We’re open six days a week!

Go for a Haircut

Anytime it’s time for a change, a haircut is a possibility. Two styles that you might consider are the bob and lob. The former usually ends right at your jawline and is going to show off your facial features in no time at all. The latter is a bit longer and reaches at about your shoulders or perhaps just a little past. No matter which length you choose, it’s sure to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes and eyebrows. Of course, we can’t forget about layers! You can’t go wrong whether you go with shorter or longer ones! Not only that, it adds instant movement and dimension to your hair overall and that oomph that you’ve been looking for. And if you want to keep your long strands, layers are a great way to slightly change up your style.

model with shoulder length brown wavy hair outside near flowering tree

Add Some Highlights

If you aren’t looking for a chop for your locks but still want to do something different, highlights can do wonders. Face-framing highlights are usually just two bold streaks that are one or several shades lighter than the rest of your hair to ultimately make that beautiful face stand out. This in no way means that you can only stick to just these two strands, because you’re free to get as many as you want throughout your locks. Typically, the other highlights are lower so that the main ones that border your face are the focal point. You can choose to have the streaks strategically placed or have them fall where they may. Either way, our professionals will chat with you when you visit and make sure that we ultimately create your ideal look!

model with long dark blonde curled hair

Switch it up with Bangs

Last but certainly not least, bangs can be a great addition to your appearance. These are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon because they’re so versatile. You can select between curtain bangs or side bangs. Both options are a fine choice and you can style them to your liking! With the first option, ladies sometimes split them to both sides and either leave them straight or add some curls or even waves for the illusion or richness. However, you can definitely just leave them all the way across your forehead. Passersby are sure to notice your beautiful eyes as soon as the bangs fall! If you go with the side bangs, they’ll effortlessly provide more dimension to your hairstyle while simultaneously showing off your bold eyebrows and those cheekbones. Plus, no one ever said you can’t add some highlights to your bangs for a contrast of color!

To accentuate your best features, come to Salon Antoine today for a consultation! Our professionals are more than ready to get to work on your strands. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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