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Easy Hairstyles for Summer Traveling

Now that summer 2014 has officially arrived, the last thing one wants to worry about during their precious vacation time is worry about their hair! Whether one has curly or straight locks, it is always a good idea to have a few easy hairstyles for traveling in your back pocket. To keep one looking great while enjoying their summer travels, the premiere Northern VA hair stylists at Salon Antoine & Spa offer this simple looks for gals on the go:

Low Ponytails to the Side

Side-ponytails that are low and loose are ideal for one is traveling and doesn’t have the time to blow-dry their hair or to wash it. Just gather hair into a low ponytail and then choose a side to push it off to before tying it in place. If you’re feeling ambitious, create a textured look by tousling hair how you please.

Loose Updo

If one plans on spending a great deal of time in the car or on an airplane this summer, a loose updo is a great hairstyle that is quick and visually flattering on nearly everyone. First, tease the crown of your hair to gain volume and then pull back hair into either a high-ponytail or bun. To up the ante on this simple but classic look, leave out a few pieces of hair to create a face frame.

Single Twists & Braids

For those that want to keep bangs off their face while traveling or basking in the sun, try pulling the hair back into a twist or braid. This trendy look can be casual or formal depending on the outfit that goes with it, perfect for hectic summer schedules.

Half-Up, Half-Down

This low-maintenance hairstyle is great if one needs a more elegant look in a quick pinch. Tease the hair at the crown for some oomph and then pin it back, with or without twists. The result will be a feminine yet stylish hairstyle that is easy to do without needing your arsenal of tools at home.

High Buns & Knots

If you’ve got long hair, a high bun or top-knot is likely the most effective (and stylish) way to keep locks out of your face while traveling. In addition to being one of the season’s hottest looks, there really is no wrong way to don this trendy hairstyle. This look is best achieved if you flip your head over to twist up a bun or tie a knot before securing it on your head.

Keeping these stunning yet simple hairstyles in mind while on the go this summer will save you time while looking great. To get more low-maintenance hairstyling tips or to retouch your hair coloring before hitting the road, contact Salon Antoine & Spa for a free consultation today at 703-691-8878. Our experienced stylists will ensure you rock your best locks all season long!

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