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Dark Tones: Perfect for Any Occasion

By October 29, 2021No Comments

With winter right around the corner, we at Salon Antoine are here to encourage you to consider a fitting shade that suits just about everyone! Much like clothing, a dark tone to your hair is one hue that goes well for every occasion. To achieve the appropriate shade for your skin tone and hair texture, head on over to our location during our convenient hours to revive your look.

Dark Hair

Although you might be apprehensive about opting for dark hair over other colors, we’re here to inform you that it’s not as daunting of a hue as previously thought. We first would like to address that there isn’t just one shade of black or deep brown, so you won’t have to worry about leaving our salon with a head of locks that lacks dimension or shine. When paired with a skilled stylist, you can see that there are various tones to pick from. Whether you prefer a warmer, ashier, cooler, or neutral hue, this tone is one that you won’t want to pass up. And, since this is essentially the darkest pigment you can pick from, you can cover any uneven tones, unsightly highlights or pesky grays to form a dynamic tint that will have all eyes on you.

Asian model with long hair

How About a Cut?

Since summer has come to a full close, it will certainly be time to trim your sun-damaged ends. Whether you’ve been rocking your natural color or have opted for a bright shade for the recent months, revamping your look can be done so with your new shade of black! Since this dark hue is sleek, stylish, and edgy, there are a wide range of cuts that compliment it without going overboard. As French and 90s bobs, light layers, and wolf-cut bangs have all made valiant returns, there is no better time to show up to work, class, or your next family get-together with a completely redone look.

model with loose curls in dark hair


Unlike vibrant hues or platinum blonde, darker shades like black are extremely easy to manage. Maintaining this effortless color is an achievable feat for the modern-day worker and folks who are always on the go. Although skipping wash days is one way to preserve the depth of black, those who prefer to wash their hair every day won’t be left with a dull or overly-faded head of locks. As always, try to refrain from excessively using heat tools or damaging products. When you are ready to retouch your roots, our helpful staff will be ready to assist. Furthermore, we also carry products at our salon, so don’t be afraid to ask us which are helpful for your dark tresses.

At Salon Antoine, our experienced stylists are prepared to provide a dark shade of hair for a classy and daring look. When you’re ready to book an appointment, give us a call today!

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