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If you want to change up your hair color and prepare for the fall, we’ve got a few dark hair options that you might consider! We’ll recommend some choices you might try below, and once you’re ready to switch your look up, give us a call for an appointment at Salon Antoine. We hope to hear from you soon!

Timeless Brown

One iconic, yet ever-popular color you might consider is brown. The reason why ladies love this tone so much is because there isn’t just one shade, but so many you can choose from. For example, there’s deep brown, honey, chestnut, caramel, and bronze—just to name some options. If you aren’t too sure which hue would be best for you, our stylists can definitely help out when you stop by. However, you can figure out the ultimate option by matching yourself with a celebrity or thinking about the color of your eyes. You’ll also love brown because it’s so lustrous and shiny. Not only is it beautiful, but you’ll be able to easily show off that desirable dimension and camouflage any damaged ends. Plus, whether you decide to add in curls, do a straight look, or create waves, all eyes will be on you.

model posed with long hair

Beautiful Black

Of course, another stunning color you can opt for is black. It’s definitely a shade that will highlight your facial features quickly, such as your eyebrows and those extraordinary eyes. Even if you don’t have that thickness to your strands that you want, black is great at showcasing a rich look. It doesn’t matter if you curl it or put it in a ponytail, the thickness will be obvious. While black is a bit more of a commitment than other colors, if it’s close to your natural shade, there won’t be much of a difference when your roots start to grow out, and it suits everyone. You don’t need to worry about your skin tone or complexion matching because it’s a perfectly versatile hue. And if you’re looking for even more of an edge, you might choose to dye your hair black and pair it with a bob cut.

model pulling back long dark wavy hair

Head-Turning Highlights

Not ready to go full in? No problem! If you’re a fan of lighter hair but also want to indulge in dark, we recommend some highlights. You can choose to have an overall dark color and then add some caramel, blonde, or red streaks throughout. Whether you’re a fan of more of the natural look or want to add a pop of color, the world is your oyster. Plus, the shade of the highlights will definitely add a contrasting aspect that flatters your entire hair. Balayage and ombre have also stepped on the scene and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These styles consist of a darker root and then a different shade starting from your roots or further down. No matter which you select, you’ll have the best of both worlds—the dark color of your choice and the one you thought you had to forgo.

Do you dare to go dark? A new, deeper color might be just what you need to put the gloss back into your locks! Our salon is open Monday through Saturday, so contact us today to chat about a day to come in. We look forward to your call!

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